Xoanon here,

Ahh, I love the spy business. Last night I send the word out that I want the article from this Izabella rumor, the next day It’s mine! THE POWER!!

Thanks to Matthias and Mia

The paper is called Sydsvenska Dagbladet but the article stems from TT, the national news agency in Sweden.

here you have an extract from Swedish media concerning Izabella:

Swedish media had a newsflash yesterday (10/6) concerning the Swedish/Polish actress/model/singer Izabella Scorupco, known from movies such as ”Goldeneye”. Apparently Izabella had a sort of nervous breakdown and turned down offers to play the leading role in ”LA Confidential” and ”Zorro”. The last year she starred in the Polish movie ”With fire and sword” and that has been a huge success and now she is ready for more.

For the moment she is starring in the swedish thriller ”The Diver”, and the shoting of that movie should be ready during the late summer of 1999. And after that, (this is where we get to the interesting part!) she will probaply go directly to another filmset, but Izabella is not very open about this:

– It´s a big American movie, with known actors and a known director. The set is taking place far away. But I have not yet signed the contract so I dare not say more about this project.

But Izabella hints that the set is staged in New Zeeland and says:

– My part is quite tough, physically that is. But I´m sure it will be OK.

What she mean with this she will not say, but she thinks that it will be official in one or a couple of weeks.