Tehanu has seen the pics, what does she think of them? Let her tell you herself

Hi there,

I’ve just looked at the official website ‘secret link’

pictures…double-clicked on the ones ones in the ‘Creation’ section…and felt like I’m home. I’ve climbed those mountains, I recognise those landscapes, the rocks and the trees…! Check out the hobbits in Mordor in the first pic against the Tongariro pics on our ‘Speculative locations.’ I swear I’ve stood on the twisted lava slopes of the mountain looking across the Desert Road plateau, it looks like that. And check the landscape in the pic of the Rider, #7 I think, against some of our “Shire Locations” shots. That is where we were, near Matamata, with the fields and hedgerows. And the last image, of the golden grass plains before the mountains…for a moment I thought I was looking at one of Craig Potton’s photos of the Southern Alps near

Arthur’s Pass.

And here’s a description of a prospective Elf I met, for anyone that’s interested in what kind of’type’ they’re casting: Tall and slender, with unusually pale skin and dark hair. A slightly triangular face, fine-boned and with rather delicate and clear features.

The kind of arched eye-brows I always think of as ‘gull-winged.’ In case all this makes him sound like one of those drifty dreamy effete elf-types you see on some calendar art, I should add that this person has immense presence. Whether moving or at rest he has a kind of energy, a sense of mercurial intelligence and alertness about him. He moves with a lithe coordinated grace (mind you, there aren’t too many clumsy actors in the trade, are there?)

If this is the type of person PJ is considering for elf-roles, I think the movie will be well served. My acquaintance is unable to reveal whether he’s in line for a part as a major Elf or just abackground Elf….time will tell.