Thanks to Joram for this scoop:

New Line Cinema is preparing their official site,, for future use it seems.

Checked out the new 1 volume LOTR paperback that

is available in bookstores. Nice job for a paperback

even though a little pricey for most people, $20 list.

Anyway, if you look at the back cover there’s a New

Line logo. Underneath the logo it states that LOTR

will be an upcoming film and next to the logo is the

URL: A quick check of Web

Whois confirms that this is registered to New Line. It

looks like this will be the official site!

If you go there now all that is up is a simple html

page stating “Lord of the Rings –” But, with the paperback out

you have to believe that this site will be active pretty


Thanks goes out to ‘Esad’ for some excellent