Hey folks! What a great week to be a Lord of the Rings fan! The launch of TheOneRing.net went off with a bang and we now have the most complete resource for The Lord of the Rings Movie news and rumors.

I recently added a few features which I’m sure a lot of you have seen. First off, we have a new message board area where you can feel free to sound off on anything Lord of the Rings related. I would like to reset the board every week or so, just to keep the issues up to date. Send me some feedback on whether you think this is a good idea or not.

I also just added a poll yesterday and it looks like you guys are having fun with it. To make the questions more in tune with the fans, I want to have a weekly contest to pick the question. Just send me your suggestions, and we’ll pick from the submissions for the weekly poll.

Keep having fun, and we’ll make this the best damn Lord of the Rings Movie site there is! Thabks for the support!