Hello there and welcome to TheOneRing, our new, bigger, faster website. We think you’ll find this new address easier to get to and faster to use. Thanks for joining in the fun. Watching the development of these films should be an interesting journey, and we hope we show you some of the steps that will take us to the finished works. It won’t be easy, nor should it be – we can never get inside an actor’s or a writer’s head when they’re doing what they do. Tracing the growth of a film is a bit the same: we can enjoy sleuthing around trying to get a glimpse of the sets or models, but the real fun is in imagining what the director will do with what he’s got, when he begins. Everyone’s playing that game at the moment, and I bet we’ve all got our favourite scenes filmed with the greatest cast ever- inside our own heads! It’s fun to think about and to argue about. If TheOneRing can give people a bit more concrete information to let their imaginations play on, then that’s a good thing. It is our hope that we will one day grow into a huge all-consuming monstrous piece of webspace that people can get lost in for days, and never escape from…mine, all mine…(No! Put the Ring down!) but meanwhile we will try to remain as user-friendly as possible. We welcome your feedback, speculations, gossip and especially INFORMATION yessss, yessss, they must tell everything they knows, they musssst! concerning the Lord Of The Rings film project.