Fine Line prez Mark Ordesky, who is supervising the production of Peter Jackson”s Lord of the Rings trilogy with New Line”s Mike DeLuca, took some time to talk up the project. While talking to columnists Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith, Ordesky explained that the film “will push the envelope of computer special effects to a new degree.” Ordesky also talked about the casting for the film and the commitment that will have to be made by the actors involved revealing, “With the exception of a few leads, the cast will be working a few weeks on, a few weeks off for what will be a long-term production.” Those long term plans mean the previously reported shooting schedule for the three films as back-to-back for a year”s time with “three times that long with pre- to post-production.” Ordesky also shoots down the rumors suggesting Sean Connery is involved. Ordesky reveals, “Actors who love the story have been phoning, wanting to be part of the film, but no one has been cast — we hope to start the process in May.” Still, there may be reason to doubt Ordesky”s word on casting with word from Warwick Davis (Willow) last weekend at the Star Wars Celebration that Timothy Spall has already been cast as Gimli.