• Tedoras posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    Rohanian is a choice for race? Shouldn’t that be Rohirrim or Eorlingas? :)

    • Thank you! Yes, please help me with this stuff! 😉

      • Okay, I changed that now…what about the rest? Is Ranger okay? I thought more people would know what that meant, though I know they have a more formal name.

      • Sure! Great work so far, Matt.

        • I think Ranger is fine, because the alternatives (Dúnedain or Arnorian) would be, as you note, recognized by fewer people. The one thing that could be fixed is the set image for the Ranger race — it is a very Gondorian symbol, and, since Gondorian is a separate race here, perhaps Ranger could have a different image. Perhaps a sword, bow, and cloak? Maybe the Star of Elendil?

          • Yeah, agreed. The problem is, I’m not an icon creator. I found a beautiful set of LOTR armor icons and this one was listed for ”Elessar’s Armor”. I looked closely and felt that the sword in the image is the one Strider uses before they reforge the old one. In that sense, it’s the ranger sword and that’s as close as I can come! Question, would the Dunedain not claim lineage from Elessar? In that sense, it feels to me like it’s the symbol of ”Old Gondor”. Maybe? I know I’m stretching but I don’t have a better image!

          • Also, my wizard image (my chosen race) sucks as well :-(

            • I think the ”Old Gondor” (i.e. early Third Age) is a good way of describing it. Perhaps one day we’ll come across someone who can design something special, but until then I think it’ll satisfy.

              The palantir for the wizards is not bad — it is a more magical object. Is there no staff you could use though?