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    • Liz replied 3 years ago

      are the line parties just midnight showings or is there usually more going on with the line party, never done one of these and trying to recruit more to join the party at Grauman’s but those that are interested would like a bit more info than just place and time.

      • They can be anything you want to make them Liz. People are pretty excited to go to midnight screenings and if you can build in a trivia contest or costume contest that is spectacular. Also, there are a fair amount of TORn staff in Los Angeles, probably more than anywhere else, so perhaps they will want to work with you?

    • Ami replied 3 years ago

      I’m very excited! It was fun working on the ROTK line all those years ago. Wow, so long! This time around, I have two teenagers, a college age student, and a young one. I’m hoping that the possible other activities involve something more friendly to school.