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The Shire Waytes set for Hobbit Premiere Party

The Shire Waytes

The Shire Waytes will play tonight at’s Hobbit Premiere Party.

It’s been an all-out effort from the Shire Waytes to prepare for tonight’s party. This weekend their full complement gathered from the far-flung provinces so they could put the final polish on their act. Ringer Lissuin from our messageboards has been working overtime on their costumes – and you can see the fantastic results here.

If you’re in Wellington don’t miss this your chance to party with the fans! Door sales are available, and once you’re in, you have the chance to win goodies from Weta and Stansborough as we raise money for TORN and Books in Homes.

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Hobbit Premiere Party: Student Discounts Now On!

TORN/Red Carpet Costume Party for the Hobbit Premiere logo


We are happy to announce that we can offer a student discount to the TORN-Red Carpet costume party for the Hobbit Premiere. Now we’ve got door sales, that’s easy to set up – just show up with a valid student ID, and your ticket to fun, food and fandom will be just $95. Speaking of eating, I’ve just seen the menu  – smoked salmon, braised lamb shank pies on minted pea guacamole, poached prawns with bloody mary mayo, paua fritters, mini meringues with hazelnut truffle.

See you at the Amora Hotel Ballroom on Monday 26th!

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Hobbit Premiere Party: Door Sales Available!

Lots of people are on the road right now, heading to Wellington for the Premiere, so we figured they wouldn’t really be in a position to book a party ticket ahead of time very easily. So we’re going to have one of those flash EFTPOS machines so you can pay at the door. It accepts credit cards too – how convenient is that?

It’ll make our planning easier if you RSVP on our Party Facebook page that you’re planning to show up on the day.

TORN/Red Carpet Costume Party for the Hobbit Premiere logo



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Whatever happened to Gandalf’s silver scarf?

Spy report from Dimli:

Many Tolkien and Peter Jackson fans have pondered this vexing questions for over 10 years and from the LOTR movies may secretly be rather disappointed from what they have seen on the big screen.

TORN’S Elven super sleuth Dimli has been delving deeply and can now tell you the story so far. There are quite a few interesting clues along the way.

Tolkien’s simple but graphic description from the ‘The Hobbit’ concisely tells us what Gandalf looked like – “- – an old man with a tall pointed blue hat, a long grey cloak, a silver scarf over which his long white beard hung down below his waist, and immense black boots’.

From the LOTR trilogy-the hat, the cloak, the beard & the boots are now well imprinted in our memories. But, the equally important Silver Scarf has, somewhat MAGICALLY, disappeared off the very face of Middle Earth.

A seemingly major omission from Peter Jackson. Or was it?

Here is what Sir Ian Mckellan has to say about it from his blogs way back in 2000 when he had just started filming on LOTR.

“Peter Jackson has ensured that Tolkien rules the enterprise. So, in working out Gandalf’s description we went back to the few terse descriptions in the novel …….. At last Ngila Dickson placed her pointed, blue grey hat on top. Out of the blue, I remembered the silver scarf that he wears in the book. Somehow it has been overlooked or decided against. Until I looked the part I hadn’t missed it either. And there’s a thing to ponder – what does a man with an umbrella for a hat and a warm cloak need with a scarf? The book starts out in autumn. We are filming in summertime. Weather conditions aside, I thought he might have the scarf as much as he has the pointy hat – to DISGUISE himself. The Gandalf, who visits his old friends Bilbo & Frodo has lots of props. Already I have to cope with his staff, his toffees, his pipe as well as Clyde – why not a scarf to do some MAGIC with?
Two more days in Hobbiton – the forecast is for sunshine which will sparkle on my silver scarf’

So, it is pretty important to both Ian McKellan and Peter Jackson. But, what do we see in the LOTR trilogy? Virtually nothing. Only one single scene where we get just a glimpse of it. What is going on? An oversight? Obviously not. Just a bold decision that might upset the fans. But an important enough reason to not include it. Maybe great foresight.

Now lets jump forward eleven years to Ian McKellan’s blog in March 2011, when filming had commenced on ‘The Hobbit’ movies, he lures us onward.

“The original costume I wore in LOTR now hangs mournfully on a stand by the camera. I can’t wear it in ‘The Hobbit” because it has been noted as of ‘historic status’. Ann (Ann Maskrey – the costume designer for The Hobbit) has made 2 changes … which please me because they relate to Tolkien’s introduction in ‘Fellowship of the Ring’, where he mentions a silver scarf & black boots.

The plot definitely thickens. Lots of mystery. Elvish magical properties? Does it protect Gandalf in some way? The questions go on…maybe one of you can enlighten us?

Will we have to wait to see the movies to find out? Possibly not.

A quick check on online now reveals quite some incredible authorised images of Gandalf wearing an absolutely amazing silvery scarf as part of his costume for The Hobbit. Hard to tell from the stills but it definitely sparkles & shimmers like moonlit silver. It is substantial. Probably 72 inches (2.8M) long & quite wide.

Could the dwarves of Khazad-dum have discovered another source of the priceless web like veins Mithril to create this startling effect?

We will definitely have to wait & watch the movies to answer this one. Or will we?

The inexhaustible Dimli has done the incredible. In his own words “In the very Middle of Middle Earth in Wellington, New Zealand you can find ‘The Galadhrim Elves’ aka ‘Stansborough’, the weavers that created many of the fabrics for the LOTR Trilogy and discovered that they are also the designers & creators of Gandalf’s magical silver scarf”.

Even better, Gandalf’s magical silver scarf has just been released online.

I have already checked out their website & ordered my scarf to wear to the premiere –

Can’t wait until I get it. Will post more then.

Happy Hobbiting

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Fixing the Wellington Line Party Debacle: Can you help?

Greetings from Welly-moot, the Tolkien Society chapter in Wellington: “This is primarily an announcement for anyone who was in the queue at Wellington’s Embassy Theatre last night and went away thinking you were the unluckiest little hobbits in the Shire. Have I got news for you!

“Through the help of Sir Peter Jackson and Matt Dravitzki and also Sarah Meikle of Positively Wellington Tourism, tickets to the 48fps, 3D, Atmos sound, main auditorium, first day midnight screening have been provided for those dedicated fans. Members of Welly-moot were also among the disappointed last night, and one of those members, Jack Machiela, has volunteered to try to track down people who were in the line and get those tickets to them. According to Sarah Meikle, this will be a very exciting party – apart from the obvious reasons – and she does not want those die-hard fans to miss out.

“So, if you were one of those 50-60 people in line (or know someone who was and have been listening to them crying all day), get in touch with Jack at, tell him where you were sitting, and enclose any photos you have of yourself in the line. They won’t be able to give out large numbers of extra tickets; expect one or two tickets per person. This is a big job Jack has taken on, but he is one very big fan who wants things set to rights. Our Jack, however, is nobody’s fool, and the few who have contacted him through other sites with ‘I was there in spirit, can I have a free ticket, too’ are wasting their time and his, and I know nobody here has time to waste – we all have line party costumes to make.

“Peter Jackson has always said that the making of these films has been about the fans, and he is one of them.  I’d say this is what you’d call walking the walk.”

Cheers, Lissuin

Tehanu: Guy from Prague and your friend, I’ve got your back. Here’s a pic of you both – now contact Jack with a corroborating photo and he’ll get you your tickets. Four Spanish-Speaking Latino-Looking Guys behind me – I noticed you but didn’t get a picture. You were the last in line. Hope you have a pic of yourselves – maybe I can verify it for Jack.

Also if the Stansborough guys got pics of anyone modelling their Gandalf cloaks and scarves – see if they have those pics to prove you were in line.

Guy from Prague at the Embassy

Guy from Prague at the Embassy line pary

Next to me in line at the Embassy
Next to me in line at the Embassy 

People next to Tehanu at Wellington Line Party
People next to Tehanu at Wellington Line Party

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Update: Peter Jackson steps in to “Make it right” for Wellington lineparty fans

The Dominion Post has updated with the latest developments in the Embassy Line Party debacle:  Peter Jackson is aware of the situation and is looking for a way to   “arrange something special” for fans who waited in line to no avail  last night. Read More

I’d like to lead the Tolkien fan community in sending out a big “Thank You” to Peter Jackson for reaching out to us like this. We are so, so lucky to have him at the helm throughout this journey to see Middle-earth on screen.

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UPDATE: PJ Makes it Right – Previously: Cinemas take note: This is not how you do line parties

Update from Dom Post: Sir Peter Jackson has stepped in to ensure Hobbit fans who fell victim to an Embassy Theatre ticketing error see the movie ”possibly even a minute or two before anyone else”. Tolkien Society New Zealand chapter founder Jack Machiela was one of about 60 people who queued outside the Wellington cinema to be among the first in the world to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on The Embassy’s giant screen when public screenings begin at midnight on December 12. But when the ticket office opened, all the tickets to the first screening on the big screen had been snapped up online. [Read more] [Discuss]


The Embassy Theatre in Wellington opened the box office at midnight last night to sell Hobbit first-screening tickets – but unfortunately midnight screening tickets went onsale online a few minutes before the box office opened, and no tickets were set aside for sale to fans who were waiting. Seats were sold out before most people there could get to the head of the queue.  I was there, and can vouch for the fact that people who had waited there for hours were furious and very disappointed. The DominionPost has a full report.

Given the box office debacle, it’s a good thing we had a visit from the cheerful Barry and his son from Stansborough Mill,who were showing off their loom-woven woollen cloaks and new Gandalf scarf (with mithril!) They’re 2.5 metres of sparkly goodness.

Barry from Stansborough, modelling cloaks and scarves for the line party

Barry from Stansborough, modelling cloaks and scarves for the line party

Jack and Alex Machiela, of the Tolkien Society

Jack and Alex Machiela, of the Tolkien Society, at line party before learning there were no tickets


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Wellington: First Line Party Tomorrow

Fantastic news from Jack Machiela, who runs the Tolkien Society’s Wellington branch. “Wellington NZ is having a Hobbit Line party TOMORROW night!  The Embassy Theatre has agreed to open the Box Office line for us at Midnight 12:01am on EARLY Wednesday morning, so we’re all turning up at 11:30pm tomorrow night. Hopefully people will turn up in costumes as well… :)”


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New Tolkien website for Brazilian fans!

Opening just in time for Peter Jackson’s birthday. If you speak Portuguese, please go and enjoy our partner site in Brazil, TolkienBrasil

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NZ to see The Hobbit a day early!

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be released in New Zealand cinemas a day earlier than originally scheduled, on Wednesday December 12, 2012.

The film’s local distributor Roadshow Films NZ announced the date change today.

“Given the unprecedented level of interest in the film on a local level we are delighted to be one of the first markets in the world to screen the film for audiences, a full day earlier than the traditional Thursday release,” says John Davie,  general manager of Roadshow Films NZ.

Midnight screenings launch at 12.01am at select cinemas across the country, with pre-sale tickets for all New Zealand screenings on sale from Wednesday November 7

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Win a signed copy of The Hobbit!

Hobbit bookKiwi Ringers! You could win a copy of The Hobbit signed by the Dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf!

NZ Charity Skylight is raising money by auctioning a signed copy of The Hobbit. Skylight offers counselling and support to children suffering all kinds of trauma and grief  in their families – things such as earthquakes, mining disasters,  illness and violence. They’re a fantastic service and we would like to support this actors’ initiative to help them. You would need to have a New Zealand TradeMe account to bid on the auction, which goes live on November 20…..happy bidding. Read More

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Gollum swoops into Wellington Airport

Gollum is reaching for some nice NZ rainbow trout

Gollum is reaching for some nice NZ rainbow trout

A tired but jubilant Weta crew unveiled their new Gollum statue at a press function at Wellington Airport this morning. Working almost around the clock for three days, Gollum was hoisted up overnight to hover over diners at the airport’s main lounge. The 13m sculpture was designed and produced by Richard Taylor and Weta Workshop supervisors

Rob Gillies and Sarah Morris. Richard made a short speech to thank the team that made the incredibly realistic sculpture – a testament not only to their talent and hard work, but also to the technology and skills Weta has developed. He also thanked the “excellent” team at Wellington Airport, who have been a pleasure to work with in creating something that would bring delight to Wellington’s visitors. Airport CEO Steve Sanderson said the airport was proud to work with Weta and have such a magnificent sculpture on display. “Everyone will be amazed when they enter the terminal.”


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