Barliman's Chat Did you ever regularly chat in Barliman’s? If you’ve ever dropped by, or were a regular in the TORn chatrooms, join us this Saturday between 3pm and 6pm ET as we celebrate TORn’s 15th anniversary (or TORniversary, if you prefer).

How do I connect to chat?

For those who don’t recall how to visit the chat, it’s dead easy. Just use either of the Mibbit links below.

Mibbit TORn widget
Mibbit full-feature chat

We recommend selecting a nickname before connecting, but you can also change to a different nick after you connect by typing the commend: /nick newnick.

If you know how to use Chatzilla, mIRC, Colloquy or some other independent IRC chat client, our connection details are:

Port: 6667 (6697 for SSL)

When does it start in my time zone?

Not sure what time that is in your particular time zone? Just head to this link to find out: Time zone conversions.

Chat netiquette and guidelines and stuff

And these guidelines will help you avoid invoking the wrath of our fearsome innkeep Barliman and getting thrown out (ie: banned). Hint: it mostly boils down to play nice with your fellow chatters, don’t be rude, and don’t swear.

See you Saturday!