With all the product images of the “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition,” hitting the interwebs, we checked in with Warner Bros. to see what was official. We were told there are currently three official images for the three official editions. One each for the 3D Blu-ray set, the Blu-ray version and the DVD version. (And hey, how cool would it be to have them on VHS tape to go with the many copies of “Fellowship of the Ring,” that were sold to those who hadn’t converted to DVD yet? Sorry for the digression). We have them all below and you can click on them for much bigger versions. Anything else floating out there, including the collector’s set, aren’t yet approved from the studio. That isn’t to say they aren’t genuine, but so far, they aren’t official.

If you click on any of the three images below it takes you to a page of that image only and if you click again, you get a much bigger version — for you folks who love the details. Updates when more details are available.