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Frame by Frame Analysis of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Trailer

June 19, 2013 at 11:54 pm by newsfrombree  - 

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greendragon – Well, at least Kili’s having fun at the ‘Tolkienworld Water Ride’… 😉

Elessar – Why does Thorin have an Orc sword and not Orcrist?

Saystine – Orcrist is gone. The Elves take from him. There have been shots that show Legolas has it – that should be interesting.

ImladrisRose – One out of every four dwarves gives this ride two thumbs up…

Kelvarhin – Still think it looks like Thorin is trying to chop his way through the rapids, lol. Kili appears to be having a ball though 😀

Garfeimao – Poor Bilbo is in the water hanging onto Kili’s barrel for dear life.

deej – Glad to see someone’s making the most of their ordeal; Kili appears to be having the time of his life!

grammaboodawg – Hang on Bilbo! You can see him clutching Kili’s barrel, who looks like he’s having way too much fun! Thorin is clearing the way, it looks. Is that Ori travelling behind Kili? Wouldn’t it be funny if we saw poor Bilbo losing his grip and grabbing onto barrel after barrel?


greendragon – this is obviously more footage of the dwarves being attacked by orcs when they are in the barrels. I can only hope that Azog meets his end in this scene….

Magpie – 3D Shot!

MrCere – I believe a camera man died in the making of this shot. I agree with greendragon regarding Azog, but dream on, we are stuck with him for two more movies I suspect.

grammaboodawg – Thorin might find he likes fighting from a barrel. You’ve got a 360 degree swing without moving his feet.


Elessar – Balin confirming that it’s about to get real.

Garfeimao – Since the door is open when this ‘is that an earthquake’ bit happens, the means Bilbo is still down the tunnel.

grammaboodawg – Here they are at the door. They match their surroundings perfectly. I hope the low rumble we’re going to hear will be as effective as the Balrog when all we see is his glow from down the cavern. “What is this new devilry?”


Magpie – you can see the moon behind Balin. If I were one of those people who keep track of the moon in the stories, I’d know if it was right.

Earl – As Magpie says, it is a crescent moon behind Balin. This seems to make sense, timewise. They open the secret door just as the sun sets, then Bilbo goes down, and comes back up in the middle night. This is when the moon is probably westering, and this is also around the time Smaug awakens, finds his golden cup missing, and causes that quake.  Also, there’s that massive Dwarven statue at the right of the image, the one carved into the mountainside. Very beautiful.

greendragon – ‘That – my lad – was a dragon…’ I know many folks loved this dramatic line; but I have issues with it. I mean, come on – wouldn’t they realize it was a dragon, when they are standing at the doorway into the mountain? How clueless are some of these dwarves?! It just feels like a dramatic line just for the sake of it…

deej – Yeah, it should be obvious that its not an earthquake, however I still love the delivery of the line.

MrCere – Balin, for my taste, gets too many of the juicy lines. But, in reaction to it, I want Nori to say sarcastically, “Really Balin? Really? Do you mean the dragon we have walked across the world to see? That dragon?” I actually wonder if the line as shown in the trailer is out of place.

grammaboodawg – Oh Balin. He gives me the same feeling of wisdom, maturity, empathy and protection that Gandalf does. Bless ‘im. He’s one cool cookie.


greendragon – still can’t wait to see this movie. 🙂

Saystine – OMG, is it December yet?

Earl – YAY! I remember the first time I saw the word “Smaug” when I read The Hobbit so many years ago. Seeing it now as part of a trailer’s byline is so surreal.  It’s happened. PJ finally made this movie. Thanks PJ, Fran, and Philippa, and the folks at WETA, and everyone involved. You’ve made some dreams come true B-)

ImladrisRose – There aren’t enough words to describe just how excited I am to see this film 😀

Kelvarhin – really looking forward to December 🙂

deej – Is it okay to squee here?

grammaboodawg – omg… exactly 6 months from now… give or take a day. I Can’t Wait!


greendragon – Bilbo’s got kind of a Marc Bolan look going on with his attire here…

Garfeimao – ‘nobody here but us invisible burglars’

MrCere – Is he invisible here or not? If he is simply hiding, he isn’t good at it. If he is invisible, why is he hiding? Will there be ‘invisible world’ effects added here?

grammaboodawg – Poor Bilbo spends a LOT of time sneaking around in this film. How brave to be there all alone… with the worm.


greendragon – ‘He’s behind you!!’

Kelvarhin – “Oh no he’s not!” ;D *gulps* Oh yes he is!!!

Garfeimao – reminded a wee bit of Jurassic Park here. Not so much the design aspect, just the appearance of the large monster from behind.

MrCere – I wish this Smaug reveal stopped right here. His true massive size is obvious here yet.

grammaboodawg – Okay… my heart’s officially racing. *whispers* Look around Bilbo! Behind you!!!


greendragon – as I always expected – a very ‘John Howe-ish’ dragon, which is a good thing! I’ll wait to form my final opinion of Smaug til I’ve seen the movie. But I do like his glowing eye!   And I wish they hadn’t shown us so much in the trailer.

Elessar – Jaw dropper! They actually show Smaug in the trailer. I’m not upset that they did, and from what you can see he looks really cool. What I want to know is, does Bilbo have the Ring on?

Saystine – LOVE SMAUG!! can’t wait to see more of him. I don’t think the CG is 100 % on this yet, but it is a nice preview!!

ButtonLady – Love the glowing eye. Love the intense look because Smaug KNOWS he’s there, but can’t find him – assuming that the finished special effects showing Bilbo’s invisibility are yet unapplied.

Kelvarhin – Whoa! SMAUG! Was shocked they showed him; only later came to think, well they haven’t really shown us that much. Love the look, and was slightly stunned to realise that Bruta was spot on with his kite theory.

Garfeimao – ‘Ah, so that’s what a dragon looks like close up, shoulda stayed home.’

deej – Still can’t believe they showed so much of Smaug in the teaser trailer. I think he looks great, but what I really want to hear is Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice coming from that dragon’s mouth. 😉

MrCere – Smaug’s head, (and this isn’t a negative, simply an observation), looks like a carp head, one of those old fish with whiskers and scales and stuff hanging off. Also, was hoping with every fiber of my being that we wouldn’t see a single scale of him. I don’t understand why everybody went to such lengths to hide him only to spoil it now.

grammaboodawg – FANTASTIC! What’s he gonna do!? FREAK OUT! ME… not Bilbo! ME RIGHT NOW!


greendragon – quick Bilbo! Shoulda put a ring on it!!

Garfeimao – Is that a spotlight of sorts on the wall behind Bilbo? I hope this indicates that Smaug’s eyes do give off a light of their own.

MrCere – I am sure everybody has done it already, but if you lighten up that photo with photoshop, the dragon has a strong red shade. We got a shadow tease, but it’s quite revealing with just a little tweak. If you haven’t done it, as Gimli asks, “What are you waiting for?”

grammaboodawg – Oh cripes… this is the best pic I’ve seen of this!! Bilbo! Peter’s twisting this just enough to keep me freaked! What’s next!? Now I’m shaking. Look at the treasure, the room, the tiny Hobbit and SMAUG!


saystine – really amps up the danger with Smaug being so close to bilbo. I don’t know if he should be wearing the ring here or not, but the confrontation is intense!

ButtonLady – And that, boys and girls, is when Bilbo died. Roll credits.

Earl – I love the look of Smaug. He’s golden red, the way Tolkien described him, he has a beautiful “crest/crown” drawn back over his head, those classic John Howe spikes under his jaws, and the light of his eye is so bright it lights up the wall (though his eye reminds me of the Eye of Sauron… there better not be any connection there…)

Kelvarhin – Can’t help thinking this isn’t the finished print, and that Bilbo is meant to be invisible here and they just haven’t shown the blurry blued out look from AUJ. You can see Smaug’s tongue moving back and forth, so I’m wondering if this is part of the discussion with Smaug, where Smaug becomes amused with Bilbo’s wordplay.

Garfeimao – Definitely too close for comfort here, but I’m sure there will be some ‘invisibility’ CG added to this; there is no way that Smaug couldn’t see him if he were visible at this point.

deej – Did I mention Benedict Cumberbatch yet?

grammaboodawg – I need to hear the voice… right now! It looks like Smaug is speaking to Bilbo! Is this the start of their debate? Six months. *whimper*

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