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Frame by Frame Analysis of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Trailer

June 19, 2013 at 11:54 pm by newsfrombree  - 

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greendragon – Thrain’s not looking his best…. 😉 I’m also really confused about when and where Gandalf confronts Thrain, in PJ’s movies. Clearly they’re in Dol Guldur; and everything we’ve seen so far suggests that Gandalf will go there with Radagast after he leaves the company on the edge of Mirkwood. Certainly when Radagast visits Dol Guldur in AUJ it seems like noone else has been there for many years; and Gandalf says to Radagast that ‘the old fortress is abandoned’, suggesting that he himself has not visited there recently. BUT surely Gandalf has to have encountered Thrain in the ‘dungeons of the Necromancer’ (ie Dol Guldur) before AUJ begins, otherwise he wouldn’t have the map and the key….

Kelvarhin – Agreed greendragon, finding it difficult to follow the timeline they’ve created for the films. Is this a flashback or is it when Gandalf leaves the company? If it’s a flashback, then why did Radagast have to tell him about the Necromancer? Isn’t it in the Appendices that he got the key and map from Thrain after discovering him in the dungeons of the Necromancer? And then he gives them to Thorin at the Prancing Pony??

MrCere – I feel like this is a flashback and later I don’t see his new sword when others do. I have a hunch we will see this flashback in this film. I wonder what the move to three films did to all the revealing moments of the backstory.

grammaboodawg – I agree this is a flashback. Gandalf must be telling Radagast about his previous visit here… which may explain why Gandalf knows his way around so well.


Garfeimao – Still the prettiest.

deej – Still needs work on the CGI.

MrCere – I do believe this is the least flattering photo of Orlando Bloom that exists in the world. I think it should go on a movie poster, trading card or become a high end collectible. Still looks better than most mortals.

grammaboodawg – Could this be a battle along that path that was being pointed out earlier?


greendragon – how come all the orcs in the Hobbit movies have no problems with moving in daylight?

Elessar – greendragon’s comment made me think. I thought it was Orcs just didn’t like the sun, not that they couldn’t fight in it. I assume that’s why Sauron covers Pelennor Fields with cloud. Makes it easier to fight since they don’t love the sun.

ButtonLady – What I remember is that they’re just not at 100 percent in sun.

Kelvarhin – I always thought that sunlight burnt normal orcs and blinded them, which was why Sauron made his cloud cover. Azog being an albino really wouldn’t be that comfortable out in bright sunlight.

Garfeimao – Tauriel sticking the pointy end into some Orc. Yup, she’s a kickbutt fighter.

grammaboodawg – Tauriel is holding her own! I wonder if this was a scouting trip looking for intruders or if they were ambushed?


Garfeimao – Bilbo in the drink, sans a barrel, not sure how this is going to resolve itself since the barrels have no lids.

MrCere – I hope Bilbo retains the character element of being the guy that orchestrates the barrels and saving the imprisoned dwarves. Needing to see dwarves in barrels with our eyes makes it clear that this will be a long sequence and not just Bilbo pushing them into the river. I felt there was some humor to be had in stuffing these dwarves and closing them up – maybe there still is.

grammaboodawg – It looks like Bilbo surfacing after the barrel drop. I hope he’s a better swimmer than Sam!


greendragon – is that the key to the hidden doorway being dropped as they stand on the mountain’s side? Mustn’t lose that!!

Earl – Oops, someone dropped the key to the hidden door. Fire that Dwarf, posthaste! Anyway, that is Bilbo in the background holding the Map in his hand. I think this is the “moment”, Durin’s Day, when the last ray of the setting sun shines on the keyhole. Bilbo suddenly figures it all out, then someone, probably Thorin since he has it round his neck, fumbles for the key and accidentally drops it in haste (contd. in next screencap)

Kelvarhin – Geez Thorin, little more care there boyo. Nice footwork to catch the key though 😉

Garfeimao – Thank goodness for these screen caps, I had no idea why there was a focus on the ground until I saw the key ready to tumble over the edge.

MrCere – Any theories on who is dropping the key? We have all done that but this is THE KEY! All hopes rest with this heirloom. I wonder if we are past the days of Bilbo being a bumbler.

grammaboodawg – Is that Bilbo holding the map? Is he wearing gloves? That would make sense if they’ve left Lake-town and it’s been snowing. It looks like he’s holding Sting… pointing down in his right hand.


greendragon – nice save there by Thorin! And a nice close up on those chunky boots Richard Armitage reckons the movies may bring in to fashion – together with beards for women…

Saystine – such awesome costume detail.

Earl – (Contd. from previous screencap) But the prophecies cannot go wrong. The Key is prevented from falling all the way down the Mountain, and the prophecies come true, after a fashion!

ImladrisRose – I want those boots!!

Kelvarhin – Do like the detail on the boots too.

Garfeimao – And I was even more confused by the focus on a boot on the ground, but now I know it’s ‘very’ important.

grammaboodawg – Here it looks like Bilbo is dropping his sword. I’m not seeing any key action I’ve read about, but I do get the feeling strange things are afoot at the Circle K.


greendragon – what? Azog et al attack them when they are in the barrels?? Maybe that’s the battle Tauriel was talking about when she said, ‘It is our fight…’

ButtonLady – Nah. “It is our fight’ is suggestive of the *end* of a battle scene as they look out over the vista of where the dwarves are headed.

Earl – My! That Bombur has some bounce!

Kelvarhin – was so hoping that was a shot of Azog biting it with an arrow in his chest, sadly it’s another orc. *laughing* Earl! Bouncing Bomburs!! 😀

Garfeimao – OK, so the Barrels go airborne? Really? And there is Azog, flying through the air too. Anyone see a shark they are jumping over?

MrCere – I took the “our fight” line to refer to the whole of the movie involving Elves. We, the audience, need to understand why they are involved at all and it seems that must be how they are setting the whole thing up. Bombur is funny even in a barrel, but I hope he gets more (some!) dialog this time.

grammaboodawg – Bombur’s in flight! I’m boggled at what could be going on that the Orc and he would be in the air with Bombur still in a barrel! *twitch* I can’t WAIT until December!!!


Elessar – I don’t expect the barrel ride to be smooth sailing so I’m ok with some action in the sequence, but I really hope it doesn’t go too over the top. I think that was how the bridge sequence was, ending with the Goblin King landing on them. There has to be a balance in these sequences.

MrCere – Mad-cap Dwarven fighting and physicality really started with ‘crack the plates’ and it seems will carry on in DOS.

grammaboodawg – Bombur has grabbed that Orc’s sword in mid-air and now looks like he’s about to bowl down that mighty nifty gathering of Orcs like a bowling ball going for a strike.


greendragon – elves fighting orcs – so yeah, maybe this is the fight Tauriel was trying to urge Legolas to join…

Kelvarhin – I think that comment comes after this fight…

MrCere – Seems as though they are trying to emphasize action for this trailer, and Legolas. Dear consumer: THIS IS A LEGOLAS FIGHTING MOVIE! In fact there are an awful lot of Elves when the book story is all about Dwarves. Interesting.

grammaboodawg – I can’t wait to see these Mirkwood Elves in action. AND to see Legolas as (maybe) the leader of the Elven-equivalent of Rangers.


Earl– Isn’t this the same location where the Wargs begin chasing the Dwarves in AUJ? The “dinosaur location”? Hmm… use some CG where it’s actually needed dear PJ 😀

Garfeimao – Elves and Orcs, never a good combination, for the Orcs, that is.

grammaboodawg – Jackson has always paid a lot of attention to the fighting styles of each kindred. I’m very anxious to see how the strategy or teamwork of these Elves works.

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