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Frame by Frame Analysis of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Trailer

June 19, 2013 at 11:54 pm by newsfrombree  - 

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greendragon – again with the White Walker look…

Calisuri – He’s in love 😛

Kelvarhin – Why are Leggie’s ears less pointed than Tauriel’s?

ImladrisRose – His new eyes make it look like Orly is playing a different Elven prince who likes to dress up as Legolas….

Garfeimao – Is Legolas wearing a Mithril shirt under his leather jerkin? Oh, and still the Prettiest.

deej – I know Orlando has aged a bit, but what is up with all the CGI? Not only his eyes, but his whole face looks computer generated. Hoping this gets fixed in post production.

grammaboodawg – I want to see more of his garb. He has a higher collar on this outfit. Thranduil does too. Helps keep the twigs from scratching your neck as you slide and run through the trees 🙂


greendragon – looking towards Lake-town… New Zealand is so beautiful!

Calisuri – Legolas and Tauriel look on towards Lake-town as the dwarves have made their escape. This is possibly the last time we see Legolas and Tauriel in The Desolation of Smaug?

Earl – The image of Lake-town in the distance almost reminds me of Tolkien’s own drawing of the same.  [comparison image]  I like it… Tauriel and Legolas peering from under the eaves of Mirkwood. I can see a scene of the Elves watching in hiding as Smaug destroys Lake-town.

Kelvarhin – Beautiful scenery, New Zealand delivers again 🙂 Love the glimpse of Lake-town in the distance.

ImladrisRose – This is just stunning… Seems like an ending to either an act or their story for film two.

Garfeimao – Lovely shoreside image at the eaves of Mirkwood with Lake-town in the distance. This definitely has the appearance of a ‘finale’ for the Elves looking out towards where the story is heading.

grammaboodawg – I love this perspective shot. It makes me wonder if they often stand watch over Lake-town, much like the Rangers did for the Shire. Most likely, at this point, their worlds are completely separate.



Elessar – This may have been one of my favorite parts. I love that you see Tauriel urging Legolas to get involved. I think this is the type of moment that adds power to why Legolas joins The Fellowship.

ButtonLady – I agree. I think Tauriel is the impetus that causes Legolas to start questioning his father’s old bigoted views. But also – by saying “It is our fight”, are they suggesting that the elves will join the Battle of the Five Armies under different motivations – that now it will be because of a more altruistic cause? Hmph.

greendragon – What’s the evil Tauriel thinks they should be fighting? Presumably the dragon – but that’s quite a departure from the book… (Then again, Tauriel isn’t even in the book, so what am I talking about…?)

Garfeimao – Oh look, Tauriel has a hoodie on, and the cosplayers go crazy trying to figure out her costume layers.

grammaboodawg – I had just mentioned that the world of Elves and Men are most likely separate, but something tells me Tauriel’s foresight helps Legolas understand there are other things to commit to outside their own realm.


greendragon – after Smaug is gone? When he is off ravaging Lake-town? (Or Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault at Gringotts?) 🙂

Saystine – I love that there are other items, not just gold, in the horde. Dragons love all things of beauty and value.

Calisuri – I’m pretty sure this is very close to the eye reveal we see in AUJ. Notice Smaug’s nose in the pile? Some other tidbit of his face as well?

ButtonLady – I’m not seeing Smaug’s nose – where is it?

Garfeimao – It appears Bilbo is first just trying to walk through the pile of gold, but his legs keep sinking in, making progress quite slow.

grammaboodawg – This reminds me of when Frodo slides down the shale to get to Sam outside the Black Gate. What a mountain of treasure! Bilbo looks like he’s sliding past… is that the closed eye and red snout of a dragon just below and to his right buried under the gold?!?


Elessar – Bilbo may be making a little too much noise with a live dragon.

Calisuri – I have a feeling he’s fleeing after being discovered. BTW – Check out the Horn of Gondor in the foreground? hah – kidding.

ButtonLady – I assume this would be some desperate situation – everyone is worried about how unstealthy Bilbo is being, but I’ll bet when it’s in context it will make more sense why he’s making so much noise.

Kelvarhin – Gold surfing, followed by a little limbo action at the end 😀

Garfeimao – So Bilbo goes Gold Surfing, a la Legolas, in order to get around quicker. He definitely appears to be in a hurry and probably no longer cares about how much noise this will be making.

deej – My guess is that this shot takes place after Smaug is gone. Otherwise I can’t imagine Bilbo being so careless.

grammaboodawg – Whoa! It looks like Bilbo’s about to slide under a door or a walkway… some part of a structure!


greendragon – Radagast still hasn’t washed his face, then…

Elessar– I really like Radagast. I really don’t like the bird crap.

Calisuri – This is in flashback…I think. So the bird crap would be there. But geez, take a bath!

Garfeimao – ‘Stuck a feather in his cap and called it Macaroni.’ And yes, of course it’s a trap, I think we are all on the same page with that theory.

grammaboodawg – I love seeing these Wizards working together. I can’t wait to see them in action together as they walk into this (possible) trap.


Elessar – Dol Guldur looking as creepy as ever. I’m assuming this is a flashback sequence.

ImladrisRose – AMAZING

grammaboodawg – How toxic and grotesque! What happened to that place to leave it so decayed, destroyed and everything around it dead? Fantastic imagery!


greendragonIan McKellen – always great value! What a great actor he is.

deej – GD – agreed. I shudder to think what would have happened if Sir Ian had been replaced with another actor.

grammaboodawg – Gandalf the Grey. *sigh* He’s the greatest representation of Tolkien’s Hobbit and LotR, imho. Look at him. Bless you, Sir Ian… and thank you!


Calisuri – Go gettem Gandalf!

Garfeimao – You know it’s bad when Gandalf has both his sword and staff out and ready to go.

grammaboodawg – Perfection. I get goosebumps just looking at this.


greendragon – ooo look, there’s the movie title on the map!

ImladrisRose – Captain’s Log: Star date……….

grammaboodawg – The Desolation of Smaug! We’re getting the map piece-by-piece! Cool!

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