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Frame by Frame Analysis of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Trailer

June 19, 2013 at 11:54 pm by newsfrombree  - 

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greendragon – that must be Dwalin holding the branch at right – check out the finger tattoos!

Saystine – well Thorin still has Orcrist, so Legolas is going to show up before they are taken prisoner.

Magpie – taking a look at 020 and 021, I was reminded of Legolas whipping out his bow in confrontation with Eomer in Two Towers… only there, it was in defense of a Dwarf.

Calisuri – Dazed and confused Dwarves with a bit of spider venom still in their systems. Easy prey for the picking.

ImladrisRose – Oh no… Thorin took everyone to get their hair done with Radagast…

Garfeimao – Anyone else notice that Thorin is with the rest of the Dwarves when the Elves capture them? Just like in the book. Oh wait, Thorin was never caught up by the spiders, but was captured by the Elves the night before. Sheesh.

grammaboodawg – Oh… my poor Dwarves! Just seeing the results of their time in Mirkwood has got me intrigued! They look so spent, but still full of fight by will!


greendragon – why are his eyes so bright blue? I was watching FotR again yesterday, and his eyes never looked this blue in that – plus, I don’t imagine there is bright sunlight catching his eyes in MIRKwood… Sometimes, less is more…. (Actually in this shot, with his white face, dark lips and blue eyes, he looks a bit like a Game of Thrones white walker!!)

Calisuri – (Rumor Spoilers!) Maybe his eyes are so blue because he is love with Tauriel. And when she bites it in the last film, the light fades…

ButtonLady – I’ve discussed this scene with a friend – and the bright brightness of MIRKwood – and we agreed that Legolas commonly brings along his own lighting crew whereever he goes, whatever he fights. Key Grip: “Hold on, Son. Don’t go into that dangerous battle without the proper lighting!”

ImladrisRose – As I stated above, the eyes are unnatural and distracting. They were NEVER that bright blue. The only scene that I noticed in LOTR that they were brighter than usual was in TTT when Gandalf returns in Fangorn. BUT, Legolas’ eyes were probably bluer due to the BRIGHT light cast by Gandalf the White… Perhaps this lighting crew theory has some weight…

Garfeimao – “I’m still the prettiest, now say it!”

deej – Perhaps his eyes are so bright to see through the gloom of Mirkwood? Maybe he was born with it; maybe its Maybelline.

grammaboodawg – There is a picture! Just as intense as his father.


greendragon – I rather like Kili’s hair barrette! Wonder if Weta would sell me one….

Calisuri – Notice the claws on Beorn. They are hard to see in real-time. And is that a scar on his nose, or just an effect of light from the outside?

Garfeimao – Those certainly are large braces on the inside of those doors, I imagine designed for keeping large, strong beasties out.

grammaboodawg – Look at the size of that door! And of that Bear! Something tells me if that beast really wanted to get in, there would be no contest.



Saystine – CGI is rough, most likely not final, but this is great. Showcases Beorn’s power!

greendragon – Oh dear, is that supposed to be Beorn in bear form?? He looks like a dog. Argh the CGI in this trailer is killing me!

Magpie – agree with the other reactions: the anatomy is off on this animal presuming it’s a bear and hopefully more CGI work will improve that. After all, most trailers are really meant to be viewed in motion and this was a quick shot!

Calisuri – I’m don’t think the CGI is all that bad. In fact I’m digging this insanely large Beorn bear form. I guess that is a ‘scar’ on this nose.

ImladrisRose – I think he looks like a really angry version of Smokey the Bear…

Garfeimao – Does that bear have blue eyes????

deej – Upon first viewing I thought this was a Warg. Then I decided it must be Beorn. Now I’m not sure.

grammaboodawg – That’s gotta be Beorn!



Elessar – Beorn? My question would be why, if it’s him, would he be attacking the group? I figured they would tweak the intro of the Dwarves to his house but I hope they don’t have him attack the group.

Magpie – I was seriously doubting my memory of the story till I read Elessar’s comment. Why is a bear attacking? One of my top five moments in the book was this: “I should say that there were little bears, large bears, ordinary bears, and gigantic big bears, all dancing outside from dark to nearly dawn.” That scene is not ‘witnessed’ in the book but I was hoping we would see it. But I fear that, instead of dancing bears, we’ll have raging bears.

greendragon – Looks more like Fluffy in the first Harry Potter movie! In fact, this is almost a dead ringer for that ‘Alohomora’ scene…

Calisuri – Not sure why everyone is up in arms about this quick few seconds. Read the text excerpt from The Hobbit below:

There was a growling sound outside, and a noise as of some great animal scuffling at the door. Bilbo wondered what it was, and whether it could be Beorn in enchanted shape, and if he would come in as a bear and kill them.

He dived under the blankets and hid his head, and fell asleep again at last in spite of his fears.

It is not uncommon for PJ and crew to take a small bit of text like this and expand on it. I believe this is literally the company waking to the sounds of Beorn outside and they start to open the door only to have an angered Beorn slam into the door with a ‘Keep the Door Shut!’ intent. I guess time will tell!

ButtonLady – Still looks like a dog to me. Can’t wait to see the whole beast

ImladrisRose – Okay, I take back my Smokey the Bear statement.. Those fangs are terrifying!

Garfeimao – It’s not so much that this looks like a Bear or a Dog, it’s that it doesn’t seem quite natural for the head of a creature that large to be that low to the ground, especially if it can stand erect.

grammaboodawg – This is SO AWESOME! I’d hate to be the Dwarf between Dwalin and that door! Wait until they find out they’re “bear”acading that brute from his own home!


Elessar – Sorry, Bilbo I don’t like your odds against something that freaking big.

Calisuri – Bilbo, put on that brave face!

Kelvarhin – Can’t help wondering if Bilbo is planning on picking Beorn’s teeth 😉 Good to see that Beorn’s as enormous as he’s described in the book.

Garfeimao – Yipes!

deej – Not sure what that letter opener is going to do to that big beasty. Maybe give him a good scratch under the chin?

grammaboodawg – Good on you, Bilbo! He’s got such great heart, and a very small letter opener! It’s great to see Gandalf standing nearby.


greendragon – Tauriel down in the dungeons? I’m sure she’s going to strike up a rapport with Bilbo or with one of the dwarves whilst they are captive…

Elessar – Now enter Tauriel. The character some fans are already hating more than Azog or Radagast. I think from what we see of her in the trailer that she looks like a nice addition to the story.

Saystine – I cannot wait to see how Tauriel works into the story. From the trailer she seems like the voice of reason.

Calisuri – I for one do not hate Tauriel and can’t wait to see Evangeline Lilly bring this new character to life.

Kelvarhin – I’m rather liking what they’ve done with Tauriel. Can’t wait to see more.

ImladrisRose – I like Tauriel, so far. I feel like she is going to be the lovechild of Arwen and Eowyn. Besides, it won’t hurt to break up the beards and have a lady in the mix. When we wrote our parody script of The Hobbit we created a female elf character who was actually the one responsible for setting the company free in Mirkwood. It would be really interesting if Tauriel’s character did something similar! Great minds think alike… LOL

Garfeimao – I find it interesting that Tauriel is visiting the dungeons, but I do hope she is not the catalyst to getting the Dwarves out, and that Bilbo is the one and only source. I like what we saw of her character in the trailer, but would prefer she not be involved in the jailbreak.

deej – It will be interesting to see if they use Tauriel to perform actions that Bilbo did himself in the book, much the same way other characters were there for Frodo in the LotR films.

grammaboodawg – Ahhhhh…. Tauriel! I’ve purposely avoided spoilers on her just so I could get to know her only through her character in the movie. And now… I’m so glad I did! She’s going to be a force to contend with.


greendragon – that leather bodice is fabulous. Again, wonder if the film makers would like to sell me one….? 🙂

Calisuri – Nothing wrong with a little Elven battle action! Tauriel is definitely beautiful.

Kelvarhin – I agree with greendragon, that bodice is lovely.

ImladrisRose – LOVE this costume!

Garfeimao – In the trailer, she kinda slides through this scene and takes up her bow, but in such an odd manner that I think she may be mounted. Either that, or she’s on a skateboard.

deej – Yippee-Ki-Yay

grammaboodawg – Look at that cool, calm focus!


saystine – the hair braids are awesome!!

Calisuri – Agreed! We’ll see those at Comic-Con and more this year!

ImladrisRose – Note to self, do hair like this at DragonCon…

grammaboodawg – A force to contend with! I rest my case. Fantastic!


greendragon – Lake-town looks great – love it! Another wonderful, arty shot – like a gorgeous painting! The town looks rather Dutch, and also has Scandinavian hints; but the pointed towers and some of the roof decorations give a hint of the oriental look we saw in Dale in AUJ.

ButtonLady – There’s a LAKE in the middle of the TOWN!!!!!

Elessar – Lake-town looks bigger than I expected it to look. It does look as worn out as I expected it to. Very much has the look and feel of a town full of people who looked to leave an area.

Saystine – WOW, just wow! I can’t wait to see more of this! Feels like a medieval Venice.

Magpie – This is a lush (in terms of lots to look at) image/set. Lots to see and one could get lost in this world. Is that ice floating on the water?

Calisuri – Absolutely LOVE Lake-town. Bravo to the whole team for realizing such a rich environment.

Earl – I love the look of Lake-town. And I see ice on the water. It’s a bleak winter, and the Men of Esgaroth are soon going to be hard put to it…

Kelvarhin – Lake-town looks fabulous. Like Saystine said, it looks like a wooden medieval Venice, beautiful.

ImladrisRose – PERFECTION! I seriously love the vision of Lake-town that the design team has created. I want to go visit! It’s so pretty!

Garfeimao – Love the look of Lake-town, definitely looks like something that has seen better days, but the nature of water and wood has begun to warp and bend, not entirely full of straight lines, even though it appears to have started out that way. The bits of ice and snow on the roofs and in the water mean that the people of Lake-town are going to be in for a very cold night come Dragon Day.

deej – I am loving the use of color in this film. Again, this looks like it was pulled straight from an Art Nouveau painting.

grammaboodawg – *gasp* Oh man… Lake-town! This is so much more than I ever imagined. It shows how it’s been built up, on and out through generations! There’s the boat full of barrels! I love the colour-scheme, tone of this.

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