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Frame by Frame Analysis of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Trailer

June 19, 2013 at 11:54 pm by newsfrombree  - 

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greendragon – looks like Fili, Bifur and Dori? And is that bottles of wine laid down behind? Mmm elvish wine… 🙂

Elessar – I’m so excited to see the barrel sequence on the big screen. This is going to be something really cool.

Kelvarhin – would have preferred it if they’d put the lids on the barrels, but I guess this way we know who’s who as they escape. The whole sequence looks like a wild ride, which should look amazing on the big screen.

ImladrisRose – I can’t wait to see this scene come to life! Weeeeeeeeee!

deej – Extreme sports, Mirkwood-style.

grammaboodawg – Dusty bottles of brew shelved behind those barrels turned loose! You can tell they were stacked on top of each other and someone just kicked loose the brace that was holding them at the edge of the dropoff.


greendragon – Martin Freeman is such a great actor. His facial expressions fill me with delight; and this is a beautiful shot.

Elessar – Another great moment coming to life. I was curious how they would play this moment. As you can see it’s really beautiful even within the Mirkwood area.

Saystine – I am so happy to see this scene is included. It’s beautiful!

Calisuri – Bilbo Above Mirkwood Scene – Check! Almost exactly as I had hoped. Love it. There is still light and good in the world 🙂

Kelvarhin – So glad to see the butterflies made it in, love this scene.

Earl – Ah the purple emperors. They remind me of that blue kite we see at the beginning of AUJ.

ImladrisRose – The blue butterflies against the warm tones of the leaves, stunning! A creative liberty taken with the coloring, but beautiful nonetheless… Martin Freeman’s smile could solve all the world’s problems and fill people’s hearts with such joy!

Garfeimao – Bilbo looks so happy, and the blue butterflies are quite lovely.

deej – Such a beautiful shot- always happy to see something from the books brought to life on the big screen so well. So what if the butterflies are a different color. 😉

grammaboodawg – There he is! And there are the purple emperor butterflies! *geeky hand clapping* Those are oak leaves! Perfectly fitting the “tops of oak-wood” those butterflies love.


Calisuri – So okay – The Butterflies are blue instead of purple and the leaves fall-like instead of green. We still get the point 🙂

In the end he poked his head above the roof of leaves, and then he found spiders all right. But they were only small ones of ordinary size, and they were after the butterflies. Bilbo’s eyes were nearly blinded by the light. He could hear the dwarves shouting up at him from far below, but he could not answer, only hold on and blink. The sun was shining brilliantly, and it was a long while before he could bear it. When he could, he saw all round him a sea of dark green, ruffled here and there by the breeze; and there were everywhere hundreds of butterflies. I expect they were a kind of ‘purple emperor,’ a butterfly that loves the tops of oak- woods, but these were not purple at all, they were a dark dark velvety black without any markings to be seen.

grammaboodawg – I’m so delighted with Jackson’s version of this moment. I haven’t seen Bilbo smiling so big and looking happy before! I can feel that cool breeze and being blown away by the light freedom of those delicate butterflies. It doesn’t bother me that the trees aren’t green. I love the texture and beauty of the colours as far as they eye can see!


Elessar – Dwalin isn’t gonna be happy getting all wet.

greendragon – This looks like they were planning for the ‘TolkienWorld Water Ride’…

Kelvarhin – Is it just me, or does it look like Dwalin’s hair and beard are falling off?

ImladrisRose – Conceptual designs for the Tolkien amusement park..

Garfeimao – Dwalin appears to be driving that barrel, and not entirely successful at that.

grammaboodawg – Oh Cripes! Instead of Dwalin scrabbling for the goodie in the cookie jar, HE’S the one “cram”med inside!


greendragon – the CGI here clearly isn’t finished – look, that elf has no facial features! Thank goodness it isn’t the finished product – because my first reaction here was, ‘Argh, terrible CGI!! Hate these cartoon elves skipping through trees!’ Hopefully/surely that will be much better come December!

ImladrisRose – I knew something looked funny in this shot! Thank you for pointing it out, greendragon! The faceless elves will surely find their faces by December…

Garfeimao – Bombur does not appear to be having much luck driving his barrel.

grammaboodawg – That looks like Balin… and he has an audience!



Elessar – Elves chasing after the Dwarves and Bilbo. I’m not sure how much I like this to be honest.

Saystine – looks like the escape is not so secret, but I’m all for more excitement!

Calisuri – I’m not sure how this barrel scene will play out with the Elves alerted to the escape plans and then a battle between the Elves and Orcs in the same sequence (we’ll see that later in the trailer)

ButtonLady – Are the elves firing, here? Because since we know all the dwarves survive, then the elves would have to be UNCHARACTERISTICALLY poor shots. Color me confused. Because if they’re firing, then does that mean they are targeting the orcs? And if so, are they doing so to PROTECT the dwarves’ escape, or just to defend their own?

Earl – I like how the Elves move through the trees so naturally, as if they’re leaves… I know I can’t seem to explain myself well out here, but hopefully some people will see what I mean 🙂

Kelvarhin – Not too sure how I feel about this one. Wood elves are supposed to be at home amongst the trees, but I just didn’t see them moving through them in that way, just seems a bit too video-gamish to me.

Garfeimao – Somewhat confused by the Elves running along in the trees above the river while the dwarf-laden barrels sail below. Are the Elves chasing after the Dwarves? Chasing Orcs that are chasing the Dwarves? Or what? And to further Earl’s thought, “I’m a Leaf on the Wind”.

grammaboodawg – Now we’re seeing a whole new side to Elves only hinted at before. They’re flying through those trees, most likely wet from the spray, showing their grace, strength and agility.


greendragon – looks like Balin and Dwalin walking side by side; nice to see the brothers together. I thought PJ’s Mirkwood was going to be more psychedelic than this?

Elessar – Here is the comparison to what I was talking about earlier. Mirkwood looks so dark and nasty. You can see how the power of Sauron is working its nasty evil power on what was a beautiful place.

Saystine – am I the only one who thinks that Mirkwood looks beautiful? I do like things that are a bit dark, but I find this shot hauntingly beautiful.

Calisuri – We don’t see Bombur sleeping quite yet…I do wish Mirkwood looked like a realistic sized forest.

Kelvarhin – Mirkwood in all its gloomy glory.

ImladrisRose – This shot reminds me of PJ’s King Kong.

deej – Mirkwood living up to its name in this shot.

grammaboodawg – Now the Dwarves have an escort it seems. Looks like some taller figures walking along with them. What an evocative shot, with the sun-rays streaming down into the dark woods.


greendragon – boldly going further than the latest Star Trek movie?? 😉

saystine – LOL @ greendragon’s comment!

grammaboodawg – I’m twisting my head this way and that trying to read that parchment under the text! Does it say “here King”? As in King Under the Mountain!?


greendragon – ah, now that’s the more psychedelic look I was expecting! I really don’t enjoy Legolas’ stunts – this ‘sliding into shot’ just looks kind of silly to me. Sorry, fan girls! 🙂

Calisuri – I sorta expect this slide to come right after Legolas jumps out of a really tall tree and his momentum just drives him across the forest floor. Think taking down the Oliphant in ROTK.

Kelvarhin – Why have they got Legolas sliding so close to *that* big a sword? The whole idea of a bow and arrow is that you can shoot from a distance, not right in their faces. Just a bit silly really.

ImladrisRose – This shot got an eye roll from me. I love me some Orlando Bloom, but I don’t see the need for all of Legolas’ acrobatic stunts. His character can be just as interesting and dreamy in his natural, no frills form…

Garfeimao – I’m not entirely sure Orlando Bloom was even in this scene, it looks completely CG, and not quite done CG.

deej – CGI Legolas looking not-so-dreamy in this shot.

grammaboodawg – And Legolas slides into the fray! He’s got an interesting cowl on. This reminds me of when he slides down the stairs on the shield at Helm’s Deep and down the Mumak’s trunk on the Pelennor Field.



Elessar – Legolas makes his appearance. I thought this moment looked pretty cool and it will be interesting to get more in why Legolas doesn’t like Dwarves.

ImladrisRose – His head doesn’t look fully attached. Hoping that this will be resolved come December.

greendragon – Legolas’ head looks disconnected from the surroundings. The CGI in this trailer doesn’t fill me with delight… 🙁

Garfeimao – I expect this to look cool when the CG is done, but again, we have a parallel back to LOTR. Legolas’ threat to kill Thorin is very similar to Eomer’s threat to Gimli.

grammaboodawg – I’m sorry… but I’m so stoked to have Legolas the Warrior back 😀


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