Ready…set…start collecting! At long last, you can now place your order for the full range of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey collectibles from our friends at The Noble Collection. The list is even more comprehensive then we had previously reported. For the complete collection, jump on over to the official site! [The Noble Collection]

Items in the 2012 Noble Collection
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Bilbo Baggins Bronze Sculpt
Bilbo Baggins Button Cufflinks
Bilbo Baggins Button Pin
Bilbo Baggins’ Contract
Elrond’s Silver Ring
Elrond’s Brooch Pendant
Elrond’s Gold Ring
Galadriel Brooch Pendant
Galadriel Flower Earrings
Galadriel Flower Necklace
Galadriel Ring Earrings
Galadriel Ring Pendant
Gandalf Bronze Sculpt
Gandalf Illuminating Staff
Gandalf Paper Weight
Gandalf Pen and Bookmark
Glamdring Letter Opener
Glamdring Replica
Orcrist Letter Opener
Orcrist Replica
Sting Replica
Sting Letter Opener
Sting Sword Pen and Bookmark
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Letter Opener Set
The Illuminating Battle Sword of Bilbo Baggins
The Map and Key of Thorin Oakenshield
The Map of Middle-earth
The One Ring Replica
The Ring of Lindir
The Pipe of Gandalf
Thorin Oakenshield Band Silver Ring
Thorin Oakenshield Belt Buckle Pendant
Thorin Oakenshield Bronze Sculpt
Thorin Oakenshield Dwarven Ring
Thorin Oakenshield Dwarven Silver Ring
Thorin Oakenshield Keychain
Thorin Oakenshield Letter Opener
Thorin Oakenshield Pen and Bookmark