1. Jenny

    I love the lighting and the colors. WOW.

  2. Nick Green

    Spelling error on Magazine inside the article itself.

  3. Adraconis1390

    He looks like Pipin!

  4. Danieldecabo

    Bilbo didn’t aged a day, as Gandalf told him in The Lord Of The Rings Book or even in the first movie!!!!! So it can NOT be younger!!!!

    • Yogini7

      I have to agree.  Looks too young.

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure Gandalf was talking about since the last time he saw Bilbo. Neither of them were acting as if they hadn’t seen each other for 50 years.

    • Anonymous

      In addition in the first movie we get a flashback to Bilbo finding the ring, and he does look younger. Showing that he has aged, just not as much as someone who is 111 should be.

  5. Bilbo……going ‘there’.

  6. Alexwall29

    Bofur always manages to sneak into the pictures!

  7. Cabbol

    Something about Martin seems empty. I hope he can pull this off, but he is just missing something…in all his roles for me.

  8. Anonymous

    The screenshot looks great but one thing caught my eye: Bilbo’s eyes. Ian Holm’s are blue and Freeman’s are brown in this picture.

  9. willowing

    This image is simply gorgeous and I like how the light falls on Bilbo’s face and I agree with the previous comment about the light and colours.  It looks like they made it to one of their destinations in the late afternoon.

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