This story just reaks of the foul craft of Saruman trying to disrupt The Hobbit production:

Firefighters are tonight working to contain a toxic “sludge” leaking at The Hobbit studios.

They were called this afternoon to Stone St Studios where the Hobbit is being filmed after contractors noticed a gas-like smell coming from a trench in which they were working.

The workers had been digging in the ground when they hit the foul-smelling sludge. They immediately called the Fire Service.

Fire Service acting assiantant area commnader Mike Dombroski said the leak was being treated as a “hazardous substances” incident. Emergency services have poured concrete to stabilise the trench to prevent the sludge further seeping from the ground and entering the area’s stormwater system.

Joking aside, we hope there are no harmful long term affects on the region! And since Weta was on hiatus this week, we don’t believe this actually has any affect on the production. [Read on] Thanks to Ringer Michiel  from for the heads up!