It’s the 21st of March down in New Zealand (or Middle-earth, depending on how geeky you are!), and reporting on the much-anticipated start of filming today, mentions something very interesting regarding casting.

There have been several casting announcements since Martin Freeman was confirmed as the lead in October last year. Yesterday Warner Bros. named Kiwi actors Jeffrey Thomas and Mike Mizrahi for the roles of dwarf kings Thror and Thrain.

No wind of this casting announcement has reached the rest of the interweb yet. So only time can prove the veracity of this story. In the meantime, the rest of the article also includes some more interesting information. It goes on to state that:

Now, on the first day of filming, Jackson has revealed a sneak peek inside the new Bag End, the home of lead hobbit Bilbo Baggins. The photo of Jackson stepping through the front door of Baggins’ fictional home in The Shire was the only photograph issued by Warner Brothers yesterday, part of strict secrecy surrounding the film.

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