Merie sends this in: From – “Ros Hubbard is a world renowned casting director having worked on hugely successful films such as ‘The Commitments’, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy and ‘Father Ted’ with her family. IFTN caught up with the Irish talent spotter to talk about casting hobbits and dwarves for Peter Jackson, her trouble finding thin Irish children and ‘Father Ted’ bringing out her catholic guilt!” She basically confirmed that Saoirse Ronan has a part in “The Hobbit”. More..


  1. sirsimon

    I read the post, they claim they have finished casting



    the goblin king
    the elven king
    the eagles
    spiders of murkwood

    so many bloody characters, most of them important still not cast and all they can worry about is bloody Elijah Wood returning. Its good and all, but come on, lets focus on the hobbit characters

    This is the hobbit, not lord of the rings 4

    • Tauriel

      Hey, just because they haven’t announced them yet, doesn’t mean they haven’t already cast them…

    • Lijo

      They may have just not made it public yet?

    • MJB

      Not announced, is not the same thing as not cast. How do you know that none of those roles have been cast? You only know that they have not yet been announced.

  2. Lijo

    Hobbit Castin(g)? 😉

  3. MJB

    The implication is not good news.
    As a rumor, it wasn’t troubling, but now it is.
    I’m officially changing sides… I am very worried about the liberties that may have been taken in the screenwriting.

  4. Tweedledee

    I love Saoirse but this made up character “Itaril” is bothering me too much.

  5. Jienhfieni

    What happened to PJ hiring virtually unknown actors? While none can deny that the girl is a good actress, what about hiring a new up-and-coming to give them a chance? Personally I think hiring this youngster is a mistake!!!! A BIG mistake!

    • Blair

      This girl is amazing. I’m not totally on board with this character but getting Ronan to play her makes it much easier to deal with.

    • Guest

      Um, did you even notice that most of the 13 Dwarves are at least as unknown as Billy, Dom and Orlando were? Virtually unknown outside of their own countries, in other words.

  6. Anonymous

    More fanfiction bullsh!ttery. At least the Arwen business in the last film made sense, but making a fanfiction Mary Sue is the stuff of nightmares.

  7. Someanna

    What is this “movies needs a female touch” thing? I doubt it would be a problem for the females at all to relate to a story of a male if there was no female characters. And where was the fangirls’ attention during LotR? That’s right, on the males, especially on the Fellowship.
    Galadriel has good enough reason to appear in the Hobbit because she actually appears in the side story. I was actually happy to hear that Cate is doing it again, because she’s brilliant in the role.
    This “Itaril”, however… is a piece in the puzzle that fits nowhere. Saoirse may be a good actress and she may deserve more attention, but frankly Peter – make her a new movie of her own instead of trying to fit her in the Hobbit, except for a cameo. You know that the books are sacred to the fans, so why would you even consider something like this?

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I’m a woman, and am capable of enjoying a book or film with or without a female cast member, just like I’d expect a man to deal with a book with a female cast. I don’t mind little changes for the sake of the story or making it better for the film genre, but this is pure wankery.

      • MJB

        So, this is what we get for validating Boyens’s “fan-fiction” screenwriting style with a pile of Oscars? Some people are headstrong enough already, without that kind of encouragement.

    • Peregrintook310

      Yeah, pretty much this ^.

  8. Someanna

    Saoirse is a good actress and she looks sweet, so as long as her role is clearly a background character, I should have no problem. You know, something like the rohirrim mother and kids in TTT.

  9. Peregrintook310

    Again, this is CRAP!! Sheer CRAP! There ARE. NO. FEMALES. IN. THE. HOBBIT.

    How many periods can I put there?? PERIOD. Geez Peter, let’s screw up The Hobbit, right nice why don’t you??

    We don’t need a damn female presence when there wasn’t one to begin with. I’m a girl, and I don’t care!

    STICK TO THE DAMN STORY. Stop trying to please execs. Please fans! They’re the one’s that buy tickets! They’re the ones that buy the merchandise! If any fan is ok with this, that’s sheer stupidity.

    I don’t care if this girl is a quote on quote, “good actress”. She doesn’t belong in this film. Get her out of it!

    This is horrible news!

  10. Guest

    Lets not forget that crap about Arwen in Helm’s Deep, that fortunately didn’t make it into the film. Maybe this nonsense will be seen only in the extended edition, or hopefully never be filmed.

  11. Stefano

    Well, no matter how much I cry about it, it’s not going to change. I just really really hope her part is small.

  12. Yeah, actually, I really can’t determine which character this actress will be in the film. I really can’t. Because there should be no female character in the story. I should say that people should stick to the original story. Don’t mess up Tolkien’s masterpiece!

  13. marge07


  14. marge07


  15. Fml.

  16. Zionrtq

    I am very disappointed with this. I love Peter Jackson, and i support him 110%, but man does he like too add a little to much of his own spice to the stew. This is unacceptable, truly unnecessary to add this needless character into Tolkein’s already perfect novel.

  17. GilraenTelemnar

    and by the way, she is WAY to tiny to be a Elf. They’re supposed to be “1.90 m tall” The guy that played Haldir was to SHORT! and het was 1.80 m!

  18. GilraenTelemnar

    and by the way, she is WAY to tiny to be a Elf. They’re supposed to be “1.90 m tall” The guy that played Haldir was to SHORT! and het was 1.80 m!

  19. GilraenTelemnar

    and by the way, she is WAY to tiny to be a Elf. They’re supposed to be “1.90 m tall” The guy that played Haldir was to SHORT! and het was 1.80 m!

  20. Zacharykirk94

    Is Saoirse Ronan in the Hobbit or not?

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