Claire writes: In early December 2008 carried a report of the launch of Dr Dimitra Fimi’s book ‘Tolkien, Race and Cultural History’. Well, the publishers, Palgrave Macmillan, have decided to reissue the book – and this time it’ll be in paperback!

It’s fairly unusual for an academic volume to be published in paperback, so this is a real coup for Dimitra and Tolkien studies. It’s due out on 14th August 2010, but you can always pre-order a copy from your local bookshop or on line. To do that you’ll need the ISBN, which is 9780230272842, the title, author’s name and publisher.

At £16.99 (or £12.74 from Amazon UK) as opposed to £50 (or £47.50), it will be a lot more affordable for us ordinary folks. So now you can have your very own copy instead of having to borrow one from the library.

In Europe the cost varies – Eur 24,99 on Amazon Germany and Eur 18,84 on Amazon France.

Details of the book on the publisher’s website here.

‘Tolkien, Race and Cultural History’ can be pre-ordered
from Amazon UK.
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Amazon Germany
Amazon France