News has reached me from another VERY reliable source that Daniel Day-Lewis has been offered the role of Aragorn, again. If you didn’t know, DDL was offered the role back at the beginning of Pre-Production, but turned it down. (The guys at Barliman’s new this, I let things slip there sometimes)

This is what Super Ringer Spy ‘ScriptDoctor’ Told me:

DDL has been offered the Aragorn role again! Everyone will deny this but it is fact. He has been offered the (Middle) earth to take the role. The producers think he’ll say no again but they don’t want to miss the chance to try him.

Townsend was always very much his (PJ’s) choice (after DDL turned them down); the producers were never keen on him but PJ insisted on having him. It seems, now, that PJ just thinks he is wrong for the role, a verdict with which the producers were only to happy to concur. So, it suits everyone , except poor Townsend, to bring someone else in..

So it seems that not all is set in stone? What do you think about this? Why not make your voice heard at Barliman’s or on the message board!