Reports continue to come in via our discussion board members of new TV spots showing tonight. These are in addition to the new spot featuring glimpses of Smaug that we reported on here. One new commercial was spotted on Fox 2 during Glee and contains a few new seconds of footage between Galadriel and Gandalf. The other spot contains more Riddles in the Dark footage between Bilbo and Gollum and was seen on ABC during Last Resort. Warner Bros. continues to tease us by inserting bits of new footage between scenes we’ve already seen – and we love it! All we can say is: keep the TV ads coming.


  1. joaquin salinas

  2. D.V. Brimstone

    Video evidence please! The suspense is obliterating my soul.

  3. L.J. Kiosq

    Look up The Hobbit tv spot 9 smaug on Youtube if you can’t wait for an official release of the footage!

  4. I love the TV spots 😀 They make me so damn excited!

  5. Catje

    Sigh…just a tease if you don’t get TV 🙁

  6. Frank

    Here’s the tv spot featuring Smaug,very amusing i hope it gets an official upload soon

  7. p.jackson

    this is tv spot for music 😀

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