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Syfy Hobbit preview available online

November 27, 2012 at 5:19 pm by Altaira  - 

A sneak preview from The Hobbit that aired on the SyFy channel during the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. is now available online. The 41 second clip shows a nice interchange between Gandalf and Bilbo as they explore the treasures found in the cave of the three trolls and Bilbo gets a very nice and valuable gift indeed!

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Syfy Hobbit preview available online | Discuss

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7 responses to “Syfy Hobbit preview available online”

  1. MaraBackman says:

    Quite a lovely little scene. Great foreshadowing for what will happen later in the cave and it feels very reminiscent of the tone in the scene where Gandalf is talking to Frodo and defends Bilbo’s decision to spare Gollum.

  2. Aili Flameblade says:


  3. This hints at Bilbo forgiving Gollum :’) ! He choses not to kill Gollum and instead makes the great jump o’er his head in Goblin Town 😀

  4. predictivescript says:

    The clip could have done without the ‘here!’. A silent pause would have been more powerful.

  5. Nice clip! It’s good to see Bilbo’s hesitancy about all things adventure (like using a sword). Makes a nice contrast not only with the cave, but also later during, say, his trek through Mirkwood.

  6. At first I felt like it was trying too hard to be another ‘Words of Wisdom from Gandalf.’ It felt a little forced.
    But, as has been said, it works in terms of setting up Bilbo not killing Gollum. Just another weird part of doing a “prequel” story, moments that (storywise) are original to this story sometimes feel like repeats. I like the authenticity that Martin Freeman brings to each moment though, brilliant!

  7. Denethond says:

    Sadly, no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Bros.

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