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    In reply to: Anne posted an update @denethond – Hello there Denethond! It’s Lightwards from the LotR line parties. :) Do we know who is organizing this shindig? View

    I was hoping it was you, Anne, after the fantastic job you did heading up the Lord of the Rings line party in NYC!

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    Hi fellow ringers! I’m a New York area Tolkien fan for decades, active in the Tolkien Society and NY area friends of Tolkien meetup group. I’ve read the books 20+ times, and seen the PJ LotR films at least 10 times each in the theaters, and countless times on TV, DVD and BluRay. Looking forward to The Hobbit movies, and participation in The…[Read more]

    • Hi Dennis! I’m signed up for this line party as well, but I think I’ll have to cancel as it seems Lincoln Square is not offering 48 fps showings. Their staff have told me otherwise on both phone and Facebook, but as of right now HFR 3D tickets are still not available on Fandango. And I care less about IMAX than seeing the new technology. Bummer!

      • Annnnd naturally the showtimes would appear not 1 minute after I posted this! In any case, I’m there!

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