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    Eruanna Undomiel - "I have finally found the Hobbit 3 trailer! My reaction was unbelievable! I was screaming my head off…. (I think I woke up Smaug….) I really want to see the movie now!!! Link of the trailer: […] "View
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    Anarien Míriel Laurelin - "”It takes a very long time to say anything in Old Entish so we never say anything unless it’s worth taking a very long time to say.” ~Treebeard "View
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    kyrape5222 - "Chick: A hatchlingCapon: A castrated male used for meat Tolbunt Polish Tolbunt Polish. (just how much could that produce?)Pullet: women hen under one year old.Hen: A female fowl over one year of ageRooster: A male […] "View
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