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Dallas Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Line Party Warm Up Event

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Date(s) - 08/12/2012
9:00 am - 11:30 pm

AMC NorthPark 15


In addition to the Hobbit Premier, The White Council, Inc is sponsoring a LoTR pre-line party warm-up event in Dallas!

Click here to order tickets:, select AMC North Park 15 as the theater and purchase your tickets. (All show times start at 10:00 AM)

It’s Movie Day, now what!?!
1. You will need to plan on being at Northpark Theater EARLY, at least one hour before is starts. THE FOLLOWING IS VITAL INFO, SO PAY CLOSE ATTENTION you will need to arrive at approx. 9:00AM to see the trilogy at 10AM so that you can find fellow line party members (we will have a sign) and determine which theater we will be in. This may mean you’ll have to go to the customer service counter, stand in line for a bit, and change over to our theater to make sure you get in the correct one. They are very good at accommodating this kind of request. I experienced this at the Avengers marathon and it’s not as painful as it sounds, but it will take time so SHOW UP EARLY!

3. CONTESTS OF WIT AND SKILL: IF I receive enough RSVP’s for the Hobbit premier and they send me a lot of door prizes, I’ll try to run at least one contest (probably costume, or possibly trivia) at the trilogy event. The theater will probably also sponsor a trivia contest between the movies, but don’t hold me to this.


SUGGESTION: Stubs Rewards
If you are planning to purchase a LoTR marathon ticket or two, and/or you go to AMC for any other movies, I highly recommend their AMC Stubs Program. It’s $10 a year to join, but you get some pretty neat things back. $10 back for every $100 you spend (cumulative), free upgrades on drinks and popcorn, for the LoTR marathon Stubs members will receive $5 in AMC Stubs Bonus Bucks per ticket purchased to spend the day of the movie (these can be spent on food or alcohol. If you’re going to join, sign up BEFORE you buy your ticket and use your Stubs membership for that so that it will count. I’ve probably made up for the cost of my membership 6 times over since this summer (but then, we do see a lot of movies.)
Click here to find out more about Stubs or to purchase a stubs membership:

The LoTR trilogy tickets are $25 per person and will include:
1 FotR/Extended Editions/Director’s Cuts Trilogy
1 Limited Edition Lanyard to hold your movie pass around your neck
1 Commemorative gift
1 $5 food voucher for Stubs Reward member (You must sign up for stubs and use your member
number to buy the ticket to receive this benefit.)

Trilogy Schedule (Tentative/Assumed)
These are the Extended Edition/Director’s Cut versions, which my dear Lord Ranger, who loves the edited movies, refers to as the Torture of the Rings. I suggest you bring a blanket and a pillow, some comfy shows (and clothes) or whatever you need to spend all day in one place as the movies will be shown back to back (with breaks between for dinner, luncheon, snacks, and what have you.) I’m guessing it will look something like the
10:00 Fellowship of the Rings, ExtEd 208 Minutes
• 1:45 Break (probably for lunch)
• 2:30 The Two Towers, ExtEd 223 Minutes
• 5:40 Break (snacks, maybe some trivia, nature break)
• 6:40 Return of the King, ExtEd 251 Minutes

AMC has a very wide menu in the lobby with sandwiches, hotdogs, ice cream, hamburgers, and of course candy, drinks and popcorn. Their prices, however, are steep. The good news is, you are surrounded by Northpark Mall and you will be given a break, probably between the first and second movie, to go scrambling out for dinner, or luncheon in the mall with plenty of time to return.

In the Lobby there is a fully stocked bar. I’m sure they will have a few Middle Earth specials (the bartenders there are actually quiet clever with their creations. There are several beers on tap, a not so wide selection of microbrews, and a small but thorough selection of hard liquor and well drinks. Prices, again, aren’t necessarily cheap, but they’re more reasonable than they are for food.

Look, I’m a hobbit, I love food too, but bringing in outside food is against the theater’s rules. I know they don’t search you, or police the rooms to see that you do, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be a huge surprise to find that you’d accidentally left some lembas bread in your pack from your LAST unexpected journey (you know it lasts for ever) but if that did happen, I would hope that you could at least be discreet while you, erm, throw it away, maybe?? Look, the point is, it’s against the rules and I’ve told you them and now I’m done. Tricksey hobbitses.

Well, technically, that is against the law, not the rules…… Oh, my apologies, I obviously misunderstood. Wizards and dwarfs and men and the rest can smoke their pipes or whatever outside of the building. When you arrive at the theater, please ask a staff member where a designated smoking location is if you require it.

Well, Mr, Dwarf, they should as long as you plan ahead. The theater has confirmed that costumes are welcome and encouraged! They did, however, request that we refrain for any of the following:
• blood and/or gore
• any masks or other face covering
• weapons of ANY kind (this includes plastic, wooden)
• Note: Call for specifics if you have concerns before taking a questionable item to the movies.
Generally speaking, I wouldn’t expect anyone who follows the guidelines above will have any issues. Remember to be sensitive to the events of this past Summer that surrounded the shootings at the Batman movie. If a staff member requests that you remove any part of your costume, please comply immediately without making a scene. If you have questions regarding why it was asked, take it up with them courteously, they’re probably having a pretty harried day and may not be at their best. They are working to ensure a safe environment, no judging you personally.

If you have questions before the line party, please message me and I will do my best to answer as I can. If you need to speak to me, you can reach me at 214-783-6163.

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