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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

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Ringer Review - NAME

Lammen Gorthaur

53, Dordrecht

Date Posted: 2013-12-21
Tolkien Fan Level: 6
Film Format Seen? 3D 48 fps
Will view again in a different format? Yes

Well, where to begin. Peter Jackson didn't like the silly introduction of the Dwarves to Beorn, so instead he lets Beorn chase them into his house. I liked Beorn the Bear, wasn't too thrilled about Beorn the Man. Peter also skipped the part in Mirkwood where Bombur falls into a river and sleeps for a couple of days, not to mention the scene with the feasting Elves. The rest of the story in the forest was more or less from the book. Nice touch that Bilbo can only here the spiders speak when he is wearing the Ring. Still not very fond of Thranduil; i still thinks he looks and talks like Malfoy's father from the Harry Potter movies. Again, the rest of the story in Thranduil's Halls is more or less from the book, until the escape via barrel. Peter wasn't too thrilled with watching a heap of closed barrels floating down the River, so he leaves them open and let's them all be chased by Orcs. Strange plot turn to have Bard smuggle the Company into Lake Town. I'm a huge fan of everything Stephen Fry does, so i can't really comment impartially on his performance. The direcor isn't too fond of talking animals, so it is established that Smaug's armor was already damaged by Girion, so they don't need a thrush to tell that to Bard. Journey to the mountain is more or less as in the book, bit strange they leave 3 Dwarves behind in Lake Town. Dwarf-shaped staircase to the Secret Door was also a bit odd, as is the finding of the keyhole by MOONlight instead of SUNlight. Encounter with Smaug is more or less as in the book. I'm really beginning to like that Benedict Cumberbatch, what a voice! I hope he sounds as good in my living room as it did in the theatre. Sequence with the molten good was again a bit odd, but very well done. I wonder how much render time that has taken. Nice cliffhanger ending.

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Martin Freeman 's performance as Bilbo Baggins?
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