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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

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Date Posted: 2013-12-21
Tolkien Fan Level: 6
Film Format Seen? 2D 24 fps
Will view again in a different format? No

After a year of trailers, vlogs, and fangirling, I finally got to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug!


The film opened up with a scene in Bree, clearly stating that this happened a year before the Company set off on the quest for the Lonely Mountain. Peter Jackson, of course, makes his carrot cameo for a split second, which I got and laughed at immediately. Then we see a cloaked stranger heading for the infamous Prancing Pony, who turns out to be the great Oakenshield himself. His meetup with Gandalf was rather interesting (Did you catch that Peter Jackson's daughter was the barmaid?), but probably not altogether necessary. It gave us a great deal of information, though.
The movie then turns into an immediate, heart thumping chase scene, where we get our first glimpse of Beorn. Beorn's bear form was captured beautifully in my opinion. Beorn himself- not so much. From reading the book, I imagined Beorn as a very stern Rubeus Hagrid. Mikael Persbrandt did an excellent job, but to me, it just wasn't...Beorn. I also feel like Beorn's scenes could've been longer, but I guess ya can't have everything :(
Anyway, onward!
My main problem with Mirkwood was that they didn't add the scene with Bombur's Enchanted Stream incident. I had really been looking forward to that! But they did capture Bilbo's butterfly adventure just right! Mirkwood forest was very eerie, and the spiders added to the effect!
When Legolas stepped on the scene, my heart went crazy! It was the first time I was watching Legolas on the big screen, seeing that I was to young to go see LOTR when it came out. The Elves entrance wasn't like the book, but it was still well done! Also, I loved how they had Legolas and Gimli "meet" for the first time. I think it's beautiful how they showed Legolas change in that area over time.
Thranduil and Thorin's interaction was very good, and Lee Pace really brought out his character. I feel that it was important how Thorin seemed to make Thranduil guilty for what he had done, seeing the look on Thranduil's face and all, but in the end it only made him more angry.
Tauriel's thing with Legolas wasn't enhanced to much, though Thranduil seemed to notice it. Even her interaction with Kili wasn't as bad as I thought. I just had to laugh seeing Legolas's face in the shadows as he watched them talking. I'd never thought Leggy could get jealous!
I know there's been a good bit of hate on Tauriel, but I just want to say something about it. Tauriel was a very strong female character and really brought out where her people were going wrong, expressing that, "It is our fight!" She even got Legolas to join in, and I'd say she could have been part of the reason for his friendship with Gimli. Evangeline Lilly was an amazing elf, and you could see that she was really getting into it!
The barrel scene was the main highlight of the movie, I think, besides Cumbersmaug of course! The jailer getting drunk was very true to the book, and extremely amusing. Bilbo once again saved the dwarves with that ingenious mind of his! Bombur had his little moment, and it was really awesome! Legolas still had a few tricks left, one in particular! Kili getting shot in the leg really broke me though, and I feel the reason for it wasn't exactly necessary...
Bard the Bowman was super cool, and he was one of my favorites! I think they expanded his character in a necessary way. I loved seeing how he risked his rep for the dwarves, despite trust issues. Okay, again it wasn't exactly like the book, and that's definitely disappointing.
The Master of Laketown and Alfrid were just repulsive, that's all I will say...
Gandalf's little adventure also added a lot of drama. When he and Radagast found the tombs of the wraiths empty, that sent cold shivers down my spine. His battle with Sauron was very good though, what with the whole concept of "light vs. dark". But they went and left him hanging...literally.
I don't know about you, but I feel that Kili was kept behind just so Tauriel could come and save him. I don't completely hate the whole "Tili" thing, but I really feel that he should have been able to go with the rest of the dwarves to see what he had only known as legend. To keep him behind just for romantic drama or whatever did not seem at all fair. But then the people of Laketown would have suffered an orc invasion without Tauriel and Legolas stopping by.
The dwarves entrance into Erebor was amazing. It was interesting how Bilbo originally didn't want to go, but in the end was the only person who didn't give up when they couldn't get into the mountain.
Bilbo and Smaug- HOBBITASTIC! SO, SO EPIC! 'Nuff said!
Even the part with the furnaces and the golden statue was pretty good! I have to give this to Peter, that though a lot wasn't in the book, he still made look really good!

But, oh, the cliffhanger! A whole 'nother year? I feel like I'm back at square one...

"I am fire. I am DEATH!"

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