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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

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40, Union Grove
United States

Date Posted: 2014-06-19
Tolkien Fan Level: 8
Film Format Seen? Imax 3D
Will view again in a different format? No

The worst atrocity is the depiction of Radagast the Brown and his Rhosgobel rabbit driven sleigh. In Tolkien’s world he was sent with Gandalf, Saruman, and two other wizards to help save Middle Earth. It would be comparable to angels being sent to Earth in human form with an approaching apocalypse. But in the movie Radagast is depicted as a bumbling Jerry Lewis type character. He was stripped of dignity in appearance with the addition of bird fecal matter in his hair. In the books there never was a mention of Rhosgobel rabbits; in The Fellowship of the Ring Radagast rode a horse when he met with Gandalf at the edge of the Shire. Peter Jackson could have used him in different ways since he was a friend of the eagles, and probably of Beorn since Radagast is described by Gandalf as a master of shapes and hues.

They created a paradox with the white orc, Azog, chasing Thorin’s group. In Tolkien’s history Azog had killed Thorin’s grandfather, Thror, in Moria. This lead to one of the greatest battles between Dwarves and Orcs where Thorin got the name Oakenshield and Azog met his end at the hand of Thorin’s cousin Dain. Tolkien gave Azog a son, Bolg, who led the Orcs in the Battle of the Five Armies. In Jackson’s movie the Necromancer replaced Azog with Bolg when he failed to destroy the Dwarves. When Peter Jackson brought Azog into the films he in essence deleted an entire section of the history of Dwarves.

There were many events in the movies that were greatly dramatized and changed for Hollywood purposes: the impossible love triangle, videogame-like barrel fight, an orc invasion of Lake-town, plus the preposterous climatic flight-and-fight scene with Smaug, Bilbo, and the dwarves. Of all the changes I personally believe the division of the dwarves at Lake-town has the most far reaching consequences. In Tolkien’s book the dwarves were stubbornly loyal to Thorin and would not have been separated from him except by death. The separate storyline following the four dwarves left behind in Lake-town will be completely alien to the original text.

This is a trilogy that should have never been. At best this should have had one sequel. I'm sure the last installment will drag in millions for the companies involved - we all know that is what is important and not the integrity of the storyline.

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