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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

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King Elessar

16, Roanoke
United States

Date Posted: 2014-01-14
Tolkien Fan Level: 5
Film Format Seen? 2D 24 fps
Will view again in a different format? No

I thoroughly enjoyed The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I have seen the movie twice now and I am determined to go back and watch it a few more times before its last showing in theaters. Some real positive things from the movie: Characters are well developed and highly talented at acting their position, Smaug looks INCREDIBLE, and the movie just tends to come alive. Some real negative things from the movie: The plot is a tad jaded to me. I say this because of the "love story" between Bofur and Tauriel, which seems to be really cheesy in my opinion. However, there were a whole lot more positives from the movie: It depicts Gandalf's journey to Dol Goldur, it hits on all of the main points from the book; like Beorn, the Spiders, how Bilbo's sword gets its name, the Barrel-Riding, and many other key points from the book. The movie also includes great quotes from the book, such as Bilbo's quote towards the Dragon, Smaug's quotes, and many other great quotes directly from The Hobbit! Loved this movie and highly recommend this movie to anyone that loves a thrilling adventure!

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Martin Freeman 's performance as Bilbo Baggins?
How would you rate Luke Evan's performance as Bard??
The Overall representation of The Dwarves ?
How would you rate Benedict Cumberbatch's' performance as Smaug?
Ian McKellen's performance as Gandalf?
How would you rate Lee Pace's performance as Thranduil?
How would you rate Orlando Bloom's performance as Legolas?
How would you rate Evangeline Lilly's performance as Tauriel?
How would you rate Stephen Fry's performance as Master of Lake-Town?
Did you think Tauriel was a welcome addition to the film?
How would you rate Beorn?
How would you rate the scene with the Spiders?
How would you rate the imprisonment/escape sequence?
Did you like the Necromancer being discovered by Gandalf as Sauron?
Did the movie fairly portray the character arc of Thorrin?
How would you rate Lake-Town?
How would you rate the burglar interchange between Bilbo and Smaug?
How would you rate revisiting Bree?
How happy are you with the attempts to tie The Hobbit back to the Lord of the Rings?
Did you enjoy seeing Gandalf visit Gol Duldor and The Tombs?
Did you like the splitting of the company of Dwarves?
Did Smaug live up to your expectations?
How would you rate the ending of the movie; in regards to leading well into the next film, and serving as a good ending point.
Is DOS a better film than AUJ?
The overall pace of the film.

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