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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

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Date Posted: 2013-12-31
Tolkien Fan Level: 2
Film Format Seen? Imax 3D
Will view again in a different format? Yes

I really enjoyed this film. I had the privilege to watch the film at the European Premiere because of my costume at London's Hobbit Fan Event.

I thought that the film was excellent and the way they decided to end the film was perfect (obviously we are now awaiting the final segment of the film in a years time!)

My favourite scene?
I would definitely have to say that entering Erabor and meeting Smaug was my favourite scene. I thought that it was action filled and fast paced, but not rushed. The way that Thorin entered with "I know these walls and this stone." made me feel warm, but it was Balin's emotions that made me feel overwhelmed. I could really see how Balin felt as he entered the lonely mountain and I really admired this scene.

Smaug: The Stupendous. Need I say more? The tone of his voice, and the pace of his speech was very much how I read it in the book. My favourite line was "I am fire. I am DEATH." It ended the film beautifully. Another part that made me shiver was the way Bilbo saw the missing scale and Smaug's reaction to this.

A part that a lot of people may not have really considered to be brilliant was Thranduil's make-up when he revealed half of his face all burnt and scarred. I think that the way it was revealed showed the pain that he would have gone through when these marsk were left upon his face.

There is one thing about the film that I am not 100% certain about; Tauriel. Her character is brilliant, and the way that Evangeline Lilly acts as this elf is beautifully done, because she is fearless, athletic but also shows a beauty side to her character. The scene where she is healing Kili reminded me of Arwen a bit too much, and even though I am fully rooting for Kili and Tauriel's love story, I thought it was slightly unnecessary to add this love story. This is what I loved about the book; there wasn't a love story involved.

All in all it was a brilliant film, and the thing that I think that readers of the Hobbit need to remember is that: the film is a creative adaptation of the book. An adaptation. There are things in the book that cannot be done on screen, and vice versa.It also allows the fans of the film to pick up the book and visualise the story, but also see the differences between the book and the film. If the film were to be an exact replica of the book, then the world of film would not be as colourful as it is.

I hope you have enjoyed my review. Please leave comments as this is the only place I can fully discuss the stories in detail with the fans. :D Eilwery.

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