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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

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Amanwe Peredhil

15, Madison
United States

Date Posted: 2013-12-29
Tolkien Fan Level: 6
Film Format Seen? 2D 24 fps
Will view again in a different format? No

When I sat down in the theater on the fourteenth, it was forty minutes until the movie started. As my best friend and I waited, I began to freak out internally. I have waited a long time for the Desolation of Smaug. I wasn't old enough for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and to see the Hobbit films was amazing.
I remember having to explain, through whispers, several things to my friend (she hasn't read the book) as the movie progressed but I paid close attention. I enjoyed the Prancing Pony. I thought of Aragorn alot during that scene. As the movie got into flow, half of me was screaming "THIS IS AMZING!" and the other half "Tolkien didn't write that... why are they...? What...?"
I have mixed feelings on the supposed Legolas/Tauriel/Kili love triangle. I also spotted the Arwen-esque thing Tauriel did in Esgaroth. I didn't like that change. I, however, loved that part where they got fish on their heads and then had to climb through a toliet (It reminded me of something in BBC Robin Hood).
Anything that embaresses Thorin Oakenshield will make me laugh. There were times in the first movie where I said he acted like a moody teenage girl!
Thranduil and Beorn were otherwordly to me in the way that Thranduil is how I imagine Thingol Greycloak, not the King of Mirkwood and Beorn, though not like he is in the books, still makes me trimble in a "I won't hurt your animals, please spare me!" sort of way.
Radagast the Brown is amazing and I like his character alot. I hope that after Gandalf sent him to get Galadriel that that means he'll also be bringing Elrond along as well.
The fact the Legolas couldn't really get one over one Bolg though, makes me worried. Bolg may still be the one to mortally wound Thorin and if Legolas couldn't take him down than what will? What if Beorn can't do it alone? And will Dain Ironfoot still kill Azog?
The dragon, now I must say is amazingly done. I actually really enjoyed their "Cat and mouse" game in the mountain because it was just utter foolishness! I actually like it when high and important people like Thorin act the part of fools. Benedict Cumberbatch (not Bennypick Cucumberpatch) brought to life the monster I must admit to hating and it was epic! I ended up watching BBC Sherlock and Star Treck: Into Darkness before December so his voice just didn't get me as much as I hoped.
While I disagree with some changes and laugh at others. I have to say that the Desolation of Smaug was an amazing movie and I can't wait to watch it 25 times before There and Back again just like I did with An Unexpected Journey.
I suppose I can, in the end say that I am okay with the changes because Peter Jackson does try, the actors really enjoy it and the Hobbit Trilogy may be our last movies in Middle-earth for a long time. There may never be a Silmarilion movie, or an Unfinished Tales movie and so I'll take, happily, what Peter Jackson gives me.
~Amanwe Peredhil

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