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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

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Date Posted: 2013-12-23
Tolkien Fan Level: 9
Film Format Seen? Imax 3D 48 fps
Will view again in a different format? Yes

As a Tolkien purest but also a lover of Peter's adaption of LOTR I can honestly say I did not enjoy this movie. DOS was long and it FELT long unlike the other Middle-earth films. I know that the movie cannot be identical to the book some changes have to be made. But I believe that most of the changes were for the worse.
Starting with Beorn one of my most beloved characters. The book does a great job of how they find this skin-changer and the dwarves coming individually as to not alarm him. They could have added way more to this scene in the movie and taken away a TON of useless scenes near the end. Very poor choice, lets hope the extended adds more to Beorn.
I hated the Orcs in the first Hobbit and I will hate them again this DOS. Understandably it adds suspense, as they chase after the company, but is this really necessary?
Mirkwood. I still have my own vivid imagery from reading the book. They did an amazing job with the set of Mirkwood! But… some of my favourite parts of the book happen here and I have been looking forward to seeing them on the big screen since I read the book, they of course were taken out. First Bombur falling in the river and falling asleep then the Dwarves having to carry him, this would have been fantastically hilarious. Second the way they lost the path was disoriented, they should have stuck to the book with the feasts of the Elves leading them off the path (is it really that hard to do?)
As an extreme arachnophobe I did not watch the spider scene, which was a given going in. But did the scenes feel really long? Could just be me.
Ah Tauriel. I went in with acceptance of this character, but went out with loathing for this character. Tauriel, very underdeveloped characterization, I had no connections to her other than her liking of the hot dwarf Kili. Her relationship with Kili completely ruined the Kili/Fili brotherhood that I so greatly adored. As the movie went on I began to think that she was maybe the second main character as they focused so much on her. Scenes with her and Kili felt awkward and cheesy. I turned to my sister and we both rolled our eyes whenever they had a “moment.” Bringing romance into a book with no romance is not a good idea. BAD decision Peter. I also didn’t connect with her acting sometimes, it felt fake.
The Elven kingdom was fantastic, beautifully done, and just how I pictured it.
Dwarves in barrels was okay, I can imagine this being hard to film so I will accept that they were not enclosed in them. But the fighting all they way down the river was over the top. Kili getting shot also deviated too much from the book as later on he couldn’t continue to the mountain THE WHOLE REASON WHY THEY CAME! I am pretty sure that all the Dwarves would have stuck together even if Kili were injured.
Mithrandir (Gandalf), perfect. The scenes in Dol Guldur were frightening and informative. Again amazing set design, and the emergence of Sauron was powerful, very well done.
Bard’s character was one thing that really added to positively in the movie. He had great character development and the scenes with him were not too long or short. Laketown set was great too. I wonder at all that Weta does, it is amazing!
The design of Smaug was incredible; Weta does a great job of him. Benedict interacting with Martin was really great. But I don’t fully understand why Bilbo didn’t have the Ring on the entire time. I got really confused with the plot from this time on, lost concentration, it felt chunky and not well fit together.
Dwarves battling Smaug, did this happen in the book, no. It didn’t work for me at all. Melting the gold and trying to defeat the dragon was a completely useless waste of time. The movie doesn’t have to be three hours, lets make it shorter instead of uselessly longer. I kept thinking to myself, this is exactly like the Star Wars prequels. Directors making more movies to make money. And the molten rock, no, just like Star Wars, no. Absolutely unrealistic (even in a fantasy movie).
I love Middle-earth but this was like someone’s fan-fic of The Hobbit.
I am sure if I see it again I will have more respect but I am going to wait, get over the rage first.

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