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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

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29, Raleigh
United States

Date Posted: 2013-12-23
Tolkien Fan Level: 6
Film Format Seen? 2D 24 fps
Will view again in a different format? No

I was extremely excited when me and my girlfriend FINALLY got to see the second installment to the hobbit trilogy. We eventually saw it twice, the first time we were so excited it didn't all take and we were more shellshocked and couldn't adapt to what we'd seen. The second time was much more calm and we could just absorb everything slowly and then make our assessment. To start with the pacing of DOS is WAYYY better than AUJ, the first film. For a nearly 3 hr movie, it flies by with breakneck speed and nice crescendos of suspense and action. The very first parts of DOS, showing Beorn chasing off the orc hunters in his massive bear form were wonderful. Although i didn't get to see enough of him as i wanted to. His house was enormous in comparison to the hobbit and dwarves and the giant bumblebees were a nice touch from the text. Then we got to the spiders and Mirkwood......WOW!!! I think the creepiness and solitude of Mirkwood was done perfectly, and the spiders were just downright scary. The music that accompanied them was perfect, and still creeps me out when i think of it, and i like spiders!! Just goes to show how the proper effect can give you a real guttural reaction and distaste. The new elf character Tauriel, didn't bother me as much as i thought she would. She was a clear thinking huntress and had good character development, but the love relationship with Kili didn't do it for me. I thought it was downright stupid and just didn't need to be in the plot. Another huge distraction from the book was the barrel riding scene, which was changed from a stealthy escape at night, to a full blown action scene in the daytime. Although it was one of the cooler action sequences i think it really wasn't necessary. Legolas is much more to himself in this one, than his character becomes in LotR. So we're seeing some early changing of his overall thinking of the way he feels about the world that's growing darker around him. Then we come to his father, THRANDUIL!!! I thought lee pace did an awesome job with him, he's proud, isolated and always planning. He's almost ruthless with whoever comes into his realm without permission, but i think that's due to the pressure the elves have come to grips with, having to deal with orcs, spiders and other foul things in their forest that was once peaceful and alive. Laketown was sort of a disappointment for me. I loved its design and sort of old England feel it had, but the characters weren't as rich and neither was the storyline there. Bard played by Luke Evans is likeable but he's not really a character i'd remember from the movie. The master and his servant Alfrid were both throw away characters that you don't care about. Then at last, we come to the footsteps of Erebor......ENTER SMAUG THE MAGNIFICENT. This was one of the most amazing parts in the movie, not necessarily a lot towards the end but when Bilbo first knows that he is hidden in the mountain of gold and starts to uncoil himself and looks around. You just know this dragon is massive, his body almost stretches end to end of the treasure hoard. And when he first speaks, the bass they added to Benedict Cumberbatch's voice just sends chills down your spine. I would've much rather had just him and Bilbo talking each other up, rather than the ridiculous dwarf battle in the forges. I thought that part was stretched and pointless, given what Smaug will do anyway. The things these dwarves survive sometime is beyond me. Their almost invulnerable it seems. Regardless, I thought Smaug as a character and the 3d model and animation were just awe- inspiring. Weta has went to the upper tier of character animation these days and they continue to rise higher. I also think the ending was perfect, for a cliffhanger. Just a simple fade to black as Smaug flies towards Laketown about to unleash his full wrath. Its just awesome, and I can't wait for what will come in the 3rd film. Also I cannot wait to see what's gonna be added in the extended edition for DOS when we finally get it. Hopefully Gandalf finding Thrain, a lot more Beorn, way more of Thranduil and his halls and more of the the interrogation of Bilbo from Smaug, that stuff was just masterful. With that said I thoroughly enjoyed this latest trip to Middle-earth and although i'll be sad I will embrace "There and Back Again" with the same reverence as I had for Return of the King when it came out. Just a lovely ending to a wonderful fantasy trilogy. I hope for the best fan service in 2014!!!!! :)

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