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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

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23, North Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Date Posted: 2013-12-22
Tolkien Fan Level: 10
Film Format Seen? 2D 24 fps
Will view again in a different format? No

I really liked how the movie begun at Bree, a place we had not seen since FOTR & also seeing another cameo from Peter Jackson & his daughter making an appearance in The Prancing Pony! I think this was important as now know why Gandalf wanted Thorin to retake The Lonely Mountain. Then 12 months later we're back with Bilbo, Thorin and Co & get our very first sighting of Beorn looking over the lands & protecting his house especially from Orcs! Beorn I thought looked a lot more big in bear form than what I had imagined & looked really ferocious and cannot wait to see him in Battle of 5 Armies! I was hoping to see more of him but I thought we got the right amount. He didn't appear too much but didn't appear too less either; again I expect more of him in the EE of DOS. Moving on to the spider scene, I missed Bombur falling into the stream and sending him into a deep sleep but in the film how you could have 12 Dwarves and Bilbo carrying an incredibly fat Dwarf I would not have any idea how to do that. On paper absolutely, but not bringing it into the film would be I think difficult so I did like the change that PJ made that the forest was playing tricks on their minds and lost the track. The butterfly scene with Bilbo climbing the trees I'm glad they kept in and you could see the delight in Bilbo's face when he noticed the wonders of Middle Earth at the Lake and also spotting Erebor! I thought the spiders looked really intimidating and quite honestly I was a bit freaked but not as much as I would've been 10 or so years ago if it had been filmed then (remember Shelob). Bilbo then slips on the One Ring to hide himself from the spiders and to hear them speak was a delight especially as we never heard the Eagles speak in AUJ which was a bit disappointing. We have the moment where Bilbo names his sword Sting (no longer just a letter opener- take note Balin) after killing one of the spiders who says that it stings us. Bilbo loses the Ring and it begins to take hold of him as once he finds it, he feels a slight tingle with his hands shaking and begins to see what it's doing to him. We then have the epic entrance of Legolas (my favourite character) jumping and sliding down a spider web, knocking off a spider in the process and aiming his arrow at Thorin and Company. Tauriel's introduction was also impressive and her skill with the bow and knives near enough matched the skill of Legolas who is a higher rank than the former! We then had a comedy scene between Legolas and Gloin. Legolas: "And what is this horrid creature? An Orc mutant?" Gloin: "That's my wee lad, Gimli." A brilliant & a very funny moment between the pair! I was so glad Legolas was in this movie and was given more to say than he ever did in LOTR which is fair enough! The Halls of Mirkwood was quite a stunning, beautiful, marvellous set with the waterfall & the very Elvish detail more than I had imagined when reading this chapter in the book. Thranduil was certainly what I had imagined and Lee Pace acted the part superbly. You could see that Thranduil's love of gold and treasure was really deep and even offered Thorin an escape route to claim what he thought was rightfully his! What I was surprised about was the sickness concealed on his face which was kind of disturbing. The scene between Kili and Tauriel did not concern me at all. The chemistry between the pair and the acting was top notch & it really made me feel warm to Tauriel when she speaks of the feast of starlight. There was a real beauty to her character when she speaks of these words to Kili who has a bit of a soft spot with Legolas looking from above at the pair and not a very happy face. Bilbo finally arrives & frees the Dwarves which I think was done a bit too easy. I think there should have been a few guards close by & Bilbo distracts them whilst wearing The One Ring but just my opinion. The Barrel scene I thought was really epic. It wasn't rushed but it was hard to keep an eye on things with so much happening as the Elves not only chasing the Dwarves but also encounter the Orcs led by Bolg and it was very quick paced. Legolas began to show off his skills and was very smooth & very slick and whilst that may have bothered some people, I chose to ignore it & take that as a positive as I did miss Legolas & to have him brought into the Hobbit was a good piece of business by PJ. I did enjoy how he was stepping on the Dwarves heads & firing arrows at the Orcs - perhaps a bit too much but didn't bother me. Then we had BOMBUR have his own HERO MOMENT of bouncing into Orcs with the barrel & I could hear a few people laughing in the audience! I thought that Lake Town looked stunning & as for the character of Bard was played superbly by Luke Evans - enjoyed the scene when people of lake town speak of the prophecy & the music in the background was beautiful. Smaug was definitely one of the plus points - very menacing & looked & sounded exactly how I imagined. Martin & Ben played off each other really well.

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