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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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20, West Lafayette
United States

Date Posted: 2012-12-17
Tolkien Fan Level: 6
Film Format Seen? 3D 24 fps
Will view again in a different format? Yes

I would like to preface this by saying that I have invested my heart and soul into stalking this movie ever since I heard that it had been approved in December 2010. Every video blog and trailer sent me running down my dorm's hallway, shrieking in excitement to tell my friends about it. To say the least, I had VERY high expectations.
For the most part, they were met. Before I go on about how much I loved the movie, I would like to get my complaints out of the way first.
1. Azog: I understand that they wanted to have villain since Smaug is essentially MIA until much later in the story, but Azog just seemed random. I am assuming that he will turn out to be working for Sauron, because otherwise it makes no sense why he would wait a century for revenge. I was not particularly enamoured with his design either. It wasn't that he looked stupid, but compared to some of the great orc bad guys from LOTR (Lurtz and Gothmog), he just wasn't that interesting or scary. All I could think was that his fake hand was really poorly engineered. Why on earth would you mutilate yourself even more by ramming a spike through your arm muscles?
2. The Eagles: Damm it Peter Jackson, they are an ancient and noble race, not a taxi service! Even if you don't want to let them talk, at least give us a chance to see that they are not just stupid animals who are at Gandalf's beck and call. Radagast's bunnies got more personality than the eagles.
3. Bilbo leaving Bag End: I kind of wished that they had had Gandalf pop up and rush Bilbo out of the door. It was really funny in the book.
4. Bilbo trying to leave in the Misty Mountains: As much as Bilbo wants to go home, he would to be the first to admit that there is no way he could make it back to Rivendell on his own.
5. The rock giants: Thanks for including them, but the action sequence was excessive.
6. Falling off cliffs: I don't care if you had Bilbo land in squishy mushrooms, he and all of the dwarves should have broken their necks with all of the falling they were doing in the goblin caves.
Overall, however, I really liked the movie. It did not have the gravity of LOTR, but The Hobbit is a kid's tale about adventure, and not an epic about how the world was saved. The soundtrack was amazing. The Misty Mountains theme had all of the grandeur of the Rohan theme and all of the adrenaline pumping epicness of the Fellowship theme. The dwarves were brilliant, even if some of them got sidelined. Legolas replacement, I mean Kili, was actually quite fun to watch (I loved when the trolls dropped Bilbo on him). All three main actors deserve Oscars as far as I am concerned. The moment Thorin enters Bag End, he just screams dwarvish badass. Martin Freeman is Bilbo. Gandalf is humorous in his messing with Bilbo, but you can tell that this is still the same guy who could take on a Balrog. Galadriel was just as elfy and ethereal as ever. She controlled the White Council without any of them really knowing that she was doing it. I loved how she and Gandalf passed mental notes while Saruman was rambling on.
I've seen this movie twice already (3D 24 fps and 2D fps), and am planning on seeing it again in 3D 48 fps. I encourage you all to go and do the same, because this movie is awesome, and it is our sacred duty as Ringers to do to Twilight in the box office what the Valar did to Numenor.

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