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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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32, Seattle
United States

Date Posted: 2012-12-16
Tolkien Fan Level: 7
Film Format Seen? 3D 48 fps
Will view again in a different format? Yes

I have been reading alot of online reviews bashing the HFR. I think that is sad. Normal film has had 80 Years of development/tricks/evolution to combat all the problems it has had and continues to have. 80 yrs has instilled in us a feel of a way it should be and thats the only way it can be. If HFR had 80 years of History behind it's use I'm positive people would be thinking the same thing of a newer technology when it comes, and I'm guessing it will be alot shorter than 80 yrs.

Yes it had some things it needs to work out, the colors where a little bright, and some sequences did take you from the feel of the movie, (for me this was especially the case with the rainning sequences. It didn't feel real, because the characters where not wet, nothing dripping from beards or hats, no blinking of your eyes to get the rain out of them.) The Dale scene seemed like a FPS to me and I got a kick out of that. Though with the speed of the camra's pace and how it was looking around, it was amazing to see the level of detail you saw, almost like a picture.

I was constantly in awe of the movie visually while watching it, and wanting to see more. My wife has always had problems with 3d movies, and never liked them. With this movie she didnt get headache, felt immersed into the movie by the 3d, and was surprised by that. Both of us never felt a 3d movie was really 3d until we saw the hobbit now. With More time and more Practice/tricks/experiance 48fps or higher is definately going to be awesome, It just needs time to find it's feet.

For the rest of the movie the acting, was stellar, though I do wish some of the other dwarves had, had some moments, I'm a huge dwarf fan and was a little disappointed in not more from them. With 2 more movies though I hope more of them come to life. Azog was wonderful, and a nice way to drive the story, but Radagast could have been a little less comical. It could have been a secluded odd individual without him being so out there. The Goblin King was cool, and the Riddles in the Dark Amazing. I found the Stone Giant scene a little over the top. Visually it was awesome, but just seemed out of place to me.

Same with the running through Goblin Town. It was just a tad over the top, especially after Gandalf had just knocked everyone down showing up like he did, made me think why didnt he do that in other places throughout the story, would have saved them several times in a pinch. If they can take down that many goblins that quick, the wargs with only a hand full should have presented no problems, with a dwarf with a bow and them able to just march threw a kingdom worth of goblins.

The trolls, eagles, ring wraith, and glimpses of smaug where just fantastic, can't wait to see more of them. The elves in there armor and seeing more of rivendale in Higher Resolution was just jaw dropping. I was so mesmerized by Erebor in it's splendor that I wish FotR would have had something like that for Moria in it's prime! I hope they do a scene like that for Moria. I am looking foward to seeing all the Extra's and seeing the movie again in a different format to see how it compares, though I do know that I love the 48, and ca't wait to see Desolation of Smaug!


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