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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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Rafi Mr.Green

20, Hyderabad

Date Posted: 2012-12-16
Tolkien Fan Level: 7
Film Format Seen? Imax 3D
Will view again in a different format? Yes

Firstly, I criticize the critics for finding it dragged and boring. Every scene was important and it was story telling in its most immersive form. It was like the book, the notes and the appendices had come alive. Critics watch any movie with a preoccupied thought of looking for as many flaws as possible. They are pure sadists. The Hobbit on the other hand works toward making everyone an escapist.

When the film's score started, I squealed like a dying rat for a minute or two, I was not only being back at Bag End but I was actually having a better feel of it. Ian Holm's narration and Howard Shore's composition made it ethereal. It was more than a delight to watch Frodo and Old Bilbo.

Then came the history of the Dwarves of Erebor. The camerawork on it was masterclass and so was the level and quality of detail. The finding of the Arkenstone, the glory of Erebor, the pride of the Kings, the absolutely wonderful narration by Ian Holm, it was breathtaking.

Then the destruction of Dale and of Erebor by Smaug the Terrible was monstrously powerful, an impact that left me torn. I've never ever feared a dragon in my entire life but Smaug overtook me. Best part? Smaug WASN'T EVEN SHOWN, only his wrath and might was. Especially the hammering of Erebor's gates and the flight of the dwarves and the intensity with which Smaug smote Erebor's glory to ruinous lows. I was in a state of trauma the whole day, like a true Dwarf of Erebor who had lost everything, I was Thorin Oakenshield himself and every dwarf in there. It is Sir Peter Jackson's own Arkenstone, to show a dragon's wrath with such explosive ferocity. That fire Drake minced my flesh, turned my bones to dust and ripped every fabric of my soul. I cannot fathom what is there to come in the Desolation of Smaug!

Then we were treated with an absolutely delightful first conversation between Gandalf and younger Bilbo, something the audience was chuckling all throughout, straight from the book, Professor Tolkien would have been proud.

Dwarves introduction and their merrymaking was a joy i've hardly ever felt in any story before. Blunt the Knives was a true dwarven song, again from the book, I sang along. Then came the Misty Mountains song, I rose from my seat and sang along maybe for the 4000th time? And you could feel through Thorin and Balin's interaction, his true willing to reclaim what was his birthright, beginning of a very powerful performance by Richard Armitage. And Ken Skott is no less as Balin: elderly, compassionate, funny in his own way and very wise and his relationship with Thorin was very well shown.

Then we come to Bilbo's departure. Before that the conversation between Gandalf and Bilbo and the latter's disagreement was amazing. Martin Freeman IS Bilbo. "I'm going on an adventure!" it really kickstarts the adventure. Balin's telling of the Battle of Azanulbizar was reminiscent to the prologue in FOTR but very powerful in its own way, Azog the Defiler is ruthless in its truest meaning, a monster and throughout the movie, he was a very influential and fearful. I feared him.

Radagast the Brown was precisely as he should be shown, an eccentric and adorable hermit. Being a hermit and dedicating my life to nature myself, I could truly connect with him. And if you have doubts over how nature loving hermits really are and didn't find Radagast's portrayal right, come meet me. The bunny sleigh and the compassion of Radagast was as amazing as the haunting feel Dol Goldur and the glimpse of the Necromancer gives you. The warg pack chasing Radagast was an amazing scene too. Radagast and Gandalf complement each other, just like Bilbo and the latter do.

Talking about relationships, Gandalf and Thorin's relationship showed another side to the actors' performance. Andy Serkis has reached a legendary level in acting: the expressions and emotions and acting of Gollum would have made Professor Tolkien shed tears incessantly, Gollum was a beloved character of his. The crowd in the cinema cheered for him and gave a standing ovation. Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis are remarkable!

Rivendell was a magical valley, big ups to the artists for it! Lady Galadriel, in her initial black dress, never looked more otherworldly than at that moment, I uttered "heavenly" when she was introduced on screen. Professor Tolkien would have been proud. The White Council gave a more serious feel than a UNO meeting on WW3 and that is precisely how it should be.

Goblin King was excellent! Barry Humphries dida great job! Goblin Tunnels and Stone Giants: WETA is WOW.

I was disappointed not to find the Eagles conversing, it was a real low but the cinematography was breathtaking during the epic finale! Thorin and Bilbo's embracing brought tears to me eyes. Smaug's Awakening scared me.

All in all, I'm going to enjoy watching it for the next 7 times this week! An experience better than FOTR I must say! An ovation to everyone who has been involved in it!

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