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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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Ringer Review - NAME


47, Memphis
United States

Date Posted: 2012-12-15
Tolkien Fan Level: 7
Film Format Seen? 3D 48 fps
Will view again in a different format? Yes

Things I loved:
* Connections to the Trilogy (and all role reprisals)
* Martin Freeman as Bilbo
* Dol Goldur
* Riddles in the Dark
* Attention to Tolkien detail. I like that the screenplay includes references to other lands, times and events by their Tolkien name. And just like Tolkien, they are just mentions and we don't hear anything else about them (for now at least)
* 3D 48fps I thought this format was very intriguing! The movie felt very "present" because of the clarity and I found myself far more immersed in the story. I'm very glad I got to see it first in this format and I highly recommend it. I can't wait to see the 2D version and compare!
* The last frame before the credits. Perfect ending for Part 1!
* That I correctly guessed where this film's story ended in relation to the book. Yea me!
* That the movie takes its time telling the story. Why would we want to hurry through something so great?
* The additional material selected by the screenwriters from book canon sources inventively used to propel the narrative forward.
* Bilbo's perspective with the ring on. Very cool. We'll get to see a lot more of that!

The Ratings
The Other Ratings
Martin Freeman 's performance as Bilbo Baggins?
Richard Armitage 's performance as Thorin?
The Overall representation of The Dwarves ?
Andy Serkis' performance as Gollum?
Ian McKellen's performance as Gandalf?
Bilbo's retelling of the history of Erebor and of Thror/Thrain/Thorin
The Eagles rescue sequence?
The Goblin King ?
Initial impression of Thranduil?
Hugo Weaving's performance as Elrond?
Radagast's portrayal in the movie?
The representation of Goblintown?
Cate Blanchett's performance as Galadriel?
The Bag End Supper scene?
The scene of the Trolls?
The representation of the Arkenstone?
The Stone Giants?
Escape from the Goblin cave?
Riddles in the Dark scene?
The return to Rivendell?
The attack on the party by the Wargs
The first glimpses of Smaug?
The ending of the movie; in regards to leading well into the next film, and serving as a good ending point.
The overall pace of the film
Peter Jackson's vision in bringing the Hobbit to the big screen.

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