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54, Columbia
United States

Date Posted: 2012-12-14
Tolkien Fan Level: 8
Film Format Seen? 3D 48 fps
Will view again in a different format? Yes

We kept our tradition of the Midnight Line Party from the previous 3 of LOTR and we were probably the oldest in the audience.

Truly stunning and what fun! This was my favorite viewing of my life!

I am truly puzzled why so many have been complaining about the HFR and 3-D (I saw it at a new RPX). I took off my 3-D glasses several times and saw no double imaging, annoying colors, etc. other movies (can you say "Avengers") displayed in their 3-D.

Why have so many have complained about a format that takes your breath away? How was there any better way to portray an eagle rescue or fighting through a Goblin Kingdom in real space!

Richard captured the tragedy that is Thorin. Martin demonstrated the reluctance of Bilbo. Frodo and Bilbo together makes the FOTR tie-in completely natural and believable. Bilbo is already uncomfortable and even cranky about Frodo seeing his work prematurely!

For the non-literary viewer, the opening sequence concerning Dwarf Kingdoms and their Wars with orcs sets an appropraite context for who Thorin and Company are.

Gandalf's remembrance of a younger, particulary adventure-prone Bilbo completes the logic of why he should expect Bilbo's Tookish heritage to be useful in a pinch.

Radagast provides connection between the Necromancer and the Nazgul's Morgul blade. Galadriel and Gandalf sense with lurking dread while Saruman and Elrond demonstrate reluctance to be "Hasty."

It was great to finally see Elrond actually doing something other than acting like some snarky, old, Roman Senator. The King of the Wood Elves riding his royal moose added a Nordic air that Tolkien's most certainly intended.

Dwarves and their ability to fight and still be humorous exercised forever our Disney, "Doopey" framework that we all have suffered under.

I highly encourage you to see the film in the highest frame rate and screen image you can find! I wish we all had an IMAX!

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Martin Freeman 's performance as Bilbo Baggins?
Richard Armitage 's performance as Thorin?
The Overall representation of The Dwarves ?
Andy Serkis' performance as Gollum?
Ian McKellen's performance as Gandalf?
Bilbo's retelling of the history of Erebor and of Thror/Thrain/Thorin
The Eagles rescue sequence?
The Goblin King ?
Initial impression of Thranduil?
Hugo Weaving's performance as Elrond?
Radagast's portrayal in the movie?
The representation of Goblintown?
Cate Blanchett's performance as Galadriel?
The Bag End Supper scene?
The scene of the Trolls?
The representation of the Arkenstone?
The Stone Giants?
Escape from the Goblin cave?
Riddles in the Dark scene?
The return to Rivendell?
The attack on the party by the Wargs
The first glimpses of Smaug?
The ending of the movie; in regards to leading well into the next film, and serving as a good ending point.
The overall pace of the film
Peter Jackson's vision in bringing the Hobbit to the big screen.

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