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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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Ringer Review - NAME

Kyle McMahon

29, De Pere
United States

Date Posted: 2012-12-15
Tolkien Fan Level: 7
Film Format Seen? 2D 24 fps
Will view again in a different format? Yes

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was everything I had hoped it would be. I am an avid fan of Tolkien and the story of Middle Earth. Saying there, there were some things I really appreciated and some things I questioned about the movie. I enjoyed the entire scene with Bilbo/Gollum and going through all the riddles and Jackson did use much of the book to lead his dialogue. I like the back story of the Necromancer but think he could have done a better job with Azog. If you are a true fan of Middle Earth you know that Azog was killed by Dain much earlier in time. If Azog was 'brought back from the dead' by the necromancer then Jackson may have wanted to show that a little better. i am assuming this is the case and maybe Dain will kill him again at the final battle. Otherwise the movie was excellent and portrayed all the Dwarves and Bilbo well. I am glad that Thorin comes across as a "not so good guy" considering his attitude/downfall during the end of the book. Favorite scene was the Gollum/bilbo sceeen. Martin Freeman does a great job of acting and Serkais is phenomanal as Gollum. Hope everyone enjoys it and if anyone has thoughts on the Azog situation please let me know!

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Martin Freeman 's performance as Bilbo Baggins?
Richard Armitage 's performance as Thorin?
The Overall representation of The Dwarves ?
Andy Serkis' performance as Gollum?
Ian McKellen's performance as Gandalf?
Bilbo's retelling of the history of Erebor and of Thror/Thrain/Thorin
The Eagles rescue sequence?
The Goblin King ?
Initial impression of Thranduil?
Hugo Weaving's performance as Elrond?
Radagast's portrayal in the movie?
The representation of Goblintown?
Cate Blanchett's performance as Galadriel?
The Bag End Supper scene?
The scene of the Trolls?
The representation of the Arkenstone?
The Stone Giants?
Escape from the Goblin cave?
Riddles in the Dark scene?
The return to Rivendell?
The attack on the party by the Wargs
The first glimpses of Smaug?
The ending of the movie; in regards to leading well into the next film, and serving as a good ending point.
The overall pace of the film
Peter Jackson's vision in bringing the Hobbit to the big screen.

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