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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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Date Posted: 2012-12-19
Tolkien Fan Level: 7
Film Format Seen? Imax 3D 48 fps
Will view again in a different format? Yes

Overall, it was a really good movie. Not amazing or anything, but it was better than I hoped.
The acting, the video quality, the scenery. It was great.
I liked how they took lines from the book and used them, instead of making up absolutely everything.
It’s a lot more humourous than LotR, instead of all being so dark all the way through, so that was nice. Of course, the book is like that anyway... so yeah. :P
Martin did a great job of playing Bilbo. He was pretty much perfect for that part.
There were a few things I didn’t like, though. The troll scene, for one. They changed it a lot, and we didn’t get to see the trolls arguing. That was a hilarious part in the book.
Also, several times the characters are seen falling down huge cliffs, then arriving at the bottom unscathed. Especially Bilbo when he falls into Gollum’s cave. That was the worst one. Really.. it’s just ridiculous. He would have died. Or at least broken some bones.
Another thing that was a bit annoying is Azog. I guess for such a long film they needed some more conflict... and it DID make Thorin a more interesting character. But still, it could have been left out.
It’s not that I hated ALL the changes. Giving the dwarves individual personalities was good.
I liked how they made Thorin more heroic... I actually cared whether he lived or not. Unlike in the book. When he died in the book I didn’t care at all. :P
The Riddles in the Dark scene was great. Gollum was hilarious, and I really like how they did the part where Bilbo almost kills him but doesn’t.
One thing that really got on my nerves was there were SO MANY battle scenes and so much action. They were all epic, dramatic scenes, and I just got so used to it. Any time there was a battle I thought “yeah they’re gonna make it out, no one’s gonna die...” and it kind of ruined it. If they had 4 big battles or something, instead of about 20 million, it would have actually made me wonder “are they going to survive/escape?” and be a bit nervous even though I know they’re not gonna die, until the 3rd film anyway, from reading the book.
I know lots of people LOVED that there were a ton of battles, but I’d prefer less.
The goblin king was so stinking ugly I just wanted someone to kill him because of his ugliness. That may be weird, but ewww he was so... gross. Especially his beard-looking thing of fat. Ew. Ew. Ew. I’m so glad he died. Even Azog who is supposed to be dead is less ugly.
I don’t know who all noticed it, but they used the same (or sound alike) music from LotR in certain scenes that were similar. Like when Galadriel first appears, they use the Lothlorien music. I can’t remember all the others at the moment, but there were a lot. I thought that was cool.
There were lots of small little details that I didn’t like, and lots of small details I did... so I won’t bother mentioning those. I’m sure you are annoyed with my long review as it is. :P
Anywho, it was a really good movie, and it wasn’t THAT terrible at following the book. If they followed it completely it would be a little kid’s movie.... since the book was written for kids.
I can’t wait to see the next one! Hopefully it will be as good. I’m kind of nervous though. I’m pretty sure they’re gonna get to the Mirkwood elves and TAURIEL THE MADE UP CHARACTER WILL BE THERE and supposedly Kili is gonna fall in love with her.
I really hope that is just a rumor. Or I will be very disappointed. This isn’t a fanfic. It's supposed to be an epic movie. Not some weird Elf/Dwarf romance.

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