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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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haswan malik

Date Posted: 2012-12-18
Tolkien Fan Level: 0
Film Format Seen? 2D 24 fps
Will view again in a different format? No

well..all i can say i just love everything about this movie.I had never read the book,and just starting reading it right now after 3 times watching the movie,2 times at 13th,and the last time just 24 hours ago,i hope i can see it everyday.The rings trilogy,PJ and WETA is my ultimate obsessions,so i've been waiting for this for all my life,sorry for my horrible english.,i wish i could write in malay. PJ is the only man who should do the hobbit from the first time..,arghh,i think i should continue my reviews in malay,,this movie was beautifully done,,i was stun by the prologue scene..erebor,city of dale..glimpse of smaug,the elves..lead by lee pace-tandruil..omg,,elijah woods said in 13 minutes special tv promo of the hobbit..the fans would have so much more,,he was definitely right,i dont give a damn,for all poor nasty critics,even sometimes i feel so down,but its never dampen my spirit and hope on this movie..until the time i saw it for myself and i loved it,i enjoyed every moment of it.The music score was so amazing,just cant get it when some people complaining so many recycling in music score..its the same world with the same some characters..well what is the best music for the gollum than 'THAT' music,right?..i adore Howard Shore works on this as well.The visuals was mindblowing..even there's so many critics on too much cgi,cgi face orcs and goblins,cgi azog,as for me,its no big deal because all the creatures look so alive and real..the riddles in the dark..the gollum was out of this world,the giant stones,the trolls,the eagles,the goblin cave scence,and my fav,the final battle scene,so real,just love the pine trees..Joe Letteri,Eric Saidon and WETA will grab the oscar this year.You guys..i just love this movie soooooo very much,wish i could see it in HFR,but unfortunately..there's no such thing around here.You'll probably find this is the ugliest review you''ve ever read,im very bad in english and i've never write a review all my life.,cant wait for the second movie..the eye of that nasty smaug is gorgeous...haha, no review on acting..martin,ian,richard and balin..they are exceptional..,the costumes and make up A+..ANDREW LESNIE done very well on camera works,the cinematography was awesometacular,but no nomination yet?hmmm...ra vincent,dan hennah,richard taylor,alan lee,john howe will grab the oscar,,WETA have the best art department in the world..and my precious're the best...

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