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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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19, Manchester
United Kingdom

Date Posted: 2012-12-18
Tolkien Fan Level: 7
Film Format Seen? 3D 24 fps
Will view again in a different format? Yes

The film was beyond my expectations in almost every way.
I was mainly impressed by how the film felt as I watched it, very similarly to the book, it feels like a grown up fairy tale and I was very happy to see this magic come to life.
It was also very comendable how well the material not from the book was integrated, most notably the white council and Radagast parts. Having said that, having had only the book to go on for so many years, the 3 trolls part was not quite as I had hoped, not that it was not well done, I just would have liked to see Peter Jackson attempt to get the Gandalf imitation part into cinema.
I was breathless at times to see some of the absolutely incredible backdrops and found myself looking behind the characters at middle earth, a land I have imagined for many years now and am always eager to see other peoples ideas. These incredible settings help to transport you to a simply magical world that Peter Jackson has created.
I would also like to make a comment on the incredible acting, and not just how flawless it seemed, which helped to transport us into the world, but also the style, which again gave it that fairy-tale feel.
In conclusion, this film is almost exactly what you should expect considering the way The Lord of The Rings was filmed andhow the two seperate tales feel when you read them, The Hobbit is far more easier to fall in love with and I feel the film is also easier to fall in love with which, when you consider the success on TLOTR is a monumentus acheivement, I will definitely be seeing this film another two to three times in the cinema, hopefully in all of the formats, and I would recommend, and even urge those that have yet to see it to do so at some point, this is one film you do not want to miss!

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Martin Freeman 's performance as Bilbo Baggins?
Richard Armitage 's performance as Thorin?
The Overall representation of The Dwarves ?
Andy Serkis' performance as Gollum?
Ian McKellen's performance as Gandalf?
Bilbo's retelling of the history of Erebor and of Thror/Thrain/Thorin
The Eagles rescue sequence?
The Goblin King ?
Initial impression of Thranduil?
Hugo Weaving's performance as Elrond?
Radagast's portrayal in the movie?
The representation of Goblintown?
Cate Blanchett's performance as Galadriel?
The Bag End Supper scene?
The scene of the Trolls?
The representation of the Arkenstone?
The Stone Giants?
Escape from the Goblin cave?
Riddles in the Dark scene?
The return to Rivendell?
The attack on the party by the Wargs
The first glimpses of Smaug?
The ending of the movie; in regards to leading well into the next film, and serving as a good ending point.
The overall pace of the film
Peter Jackson's vision in bringing the Hobbit to the big screen.

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