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Ringer Reviews - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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37, athens

Date Posted: 2012-12-18
Tolkien Fan Level: 7
Film Format Seen? 2D 24 fps
Will view again in a different format? Yes

As a longtime, fan of Professor Tolkien's work, myself I waited like many, many others of another chance to revisit Middle-earth. Unfortunately, leaving the screening the movie left me a bittersweet taste. Sweet because the long wait finally ended but also bitter because as a result it felt a little bit like hm. I want to add here that I saw the film with the traditional 24f and not in 3D. So, my objections concern only the plot of the movie as it should be anyway.

I will mention briefly what I did not like and then I will conclude with what I liked

First thing first, I believe that we all have to agree that we are talking about a film which is based on THE HOBBIT and not the book itself. Now since we have made that clear, I would prefer it to be treated as an adult film rather than as a childish one.
I strongly believe that if, P.J. from the very beginning and after the departure of the Thorin and Co. had created some more advanced characters then we will be talking now about a different movie.

1) The first think I did not like was that we jump right from prologue to the scene where Gandalf stands right in front of Bilbo, without previously actually watch him getting there from a distance. This in my opinion will have prepared us better for those clever dialogues between them and also it would make an easiest passage from past to present, giving us the time needed to feel that now we’re starting properly. Another thing is Bilbo’s departure without any reasonably cause of given to do such a thing.

2) The second think I did not like, is that I found that there was a major contradiction between the silliest acting goblins of goblin town and those, more villain characters of Azog’s group. As for that Goblin King, unfortunately it reminds me of that jar-jar Bings creatures’ king, in that so called star wars prequel (go away Lucas and never come back!). I’d rather expected of him to be a little more terrifying than simply a funny fatheaded character. He is the chief villain of a goblin town after alls.

3) The third think is that I found that the dwarves were not as dreadful as showed in the prologue, except perhaps of Thorin. Where was that strong feeling of hate between the two races? Nowhere! I was expecting there to see something more tensed which would lead to a more critical rescue from Gandalf.

4) Finally I didn’t like the fact that what we saw as a necromancers glimpse, reminded me more of a character from Harry Potter or similar movies. Come on guys you know what I mean it is not the Mummy, its Sauron, evil incarnated and since we are going to actually see him infest Dol Guldur, I would expect of him to be more dreadful even from first sight.
Also I believe that if P.J. had presented us a nearly completed form of Necromancer, then it would filled us with a more unsatisfied feeling and it would paid off better for the continuation of the plot. That’s because, even though Sauron would has already being revealed to the audience as the main villain of total six movies (it is him, afterall), that would explain the need of Gandalf’s rush to deal with Smaug as sooner as possible. Could also explain why Gandalf, in a way, had used as a vessel for that mission Thorin and Co.

5) Finally the use of that same moth that we’ve seen before in LOTR didn’t have to spoil the next trilogy escape of Gandalf from Isengard. They really should have found another deus ex machina figure for exploding our minds, once again with the god like abilities of the istari.

Now for the good stuff
1) I will begin with the excellent prologue scene featuring the attack on Erebor and the promise’s left for the next two movies to come, both about the so-promised terrifying figure of Smaug the magnificent as well about the upcoming conflict- in general-between the two races (dwarves & elves).

2) I also liked Martin Freeman’s play of Bilbo’s character. I believe he represents the role absolutely as it should be. I feel the same for Richard Armitage’s Thorin.

3) Azogs clan and the orcish speech were really a revelation and a nice touch by Jackson of darker things to come.

4) Radagast the Brown. Truly magnificent play there by Sylvester McCoy and also a very nice development there for the character by P.J.

5) Riddles in the dark. Just marvelous served real well as an explanation and as a conservation of all things related with the one ring in the future without telling more than needed.

In conclusion I felt that P.J. easily could give a little bit darker atmosphere to the AUJ instead of what we finally saw. For supporting my opinion I quote the fact that there were so many outside the book scenes given and none of them was of a light spirit.
I want to believe, that this is on purpose to construct the right climax between the peacefully starting of the quest from the Hobbiton region, then into the much more dangerous wilderland and finally to the terrifying slops of Lonely Mountain and the monstrous dweller beneath them

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Bilbo's retelling of the history of Erebor and of Thror/Thrain/Thorin
The Eagles rescue sequence?
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Initial impression of Thranduil?
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Radagast's portrayal in the movie?
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